Eternally Husseini

by Madd Cold and Iron Galaxy

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Labaykah ya Hussein (A.S.)! In his fifth full-length album, and the very first with UK-based Pashtun super-producer Iron Galaxy, Jonathan Azaziah a.k.a. Madd Cold takes us on a journey unlike anything that has ever been experienced before in Hip-Hop history. Utilizing Anti-Parasitism and Shi'a Islamic Liberation Theology as his verbal sword and shield, the Brooklyn-bred Iraqi iconoclast spits sheer freezer burn for 15 tracks, wowing and astounding with some of his most complex rhyme schemes ever, as well as a machine-gun flow, mind-numbing wordplay, intensity like no other and enough knowledge for a hundred lifetimes. Iron Galaxy's splendiferous production, which is 100% original and 200% off the wall, serves as a flawless backdrop for the anomalous lyricism and the end result rivals any previous project in Madd Cold's catalog. Released on Resistance and Liberation Day, celebrating 17 years since Hizbullah liberated Lebanon from Zionist occupation, "Eternally Husseini" destroys many a mainstream taboo and represents a declaration of resistance against the Jewish Power Configuration and all the fraudulent "revolutionary" rappers who serve it. So dope that it's not even of this world?! That's an understatement! Y'all know what time it is... ain't nothing left to say now... Except of course... LET IT KNOCK!


released May 25, 2017

All lyrics are the copyrighted intellectual property of Jonathan Azaziah a.k.a. Madd Cold.

All beats are the original musical compositions and copyrighted intellectual property of Zain Morowa a.k.a. Iron Galaxy.

Mixed and mastered by Payday Monsanto.

Recorded at Ummi's Refuge and Fortress Anew.

All album artwork by Mohammad Hamza for



all rights reserved


Madd Cold Montreal, Québec

The son of an Iraqi father whose family descended from the holy, resistant city of Kufa and a Moroccan-Russian mother, Madd Cold is an MC, poet and writer from Brooklyn, New York currently residing in Montreal. His articles, poems and music predominantly deal with World Zionism, as well as geopolitics and decolonization in general. The label is Mouqawamah Music and the motto is "DTI". ... more

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Track Name: Universal Anti-Parasitism
Universal Anti-Parasitism

___—Madd Cold—____


Burns deep...
In my bones...
And you will...
Feel it too...
In every word...
Of my poems...
My name...
Is Madd Cold...
And I fight for...
ALLAH’s throne...
The music...
Is my fam...
Iron Galaxy...
It’s our stand...
And together we...
Do rise...
To send Zion...
To its demise...

Mossad death squads kick in my door and they nab me for "crimes"/against World Jewry, they wanna execute me, truly I’m honored you parasites so allow me to gladly reply/My last words will not be apologetic, I find you slobs pathetic and that’s why I rip you madly with rhyme/You get kicked outta 100 locations and I’m the bigot? Nah, I’m just an Anti-Parasitic Pioneer and analytical enough to know you want we Gentiles to badly decline/ Take my life but DTZ, will still be, my motto on vinyl that I left flashing behind/Singed on the lips of my acolytes like an after-afterlife, haunting you, ain’t it so savvy-sublime?/ They’ve heard enough and drag me to die and without any further ado they put a bullet through my eyes/In the distance, I hear my loved ones feel such doom and cry/ Overwhelmed, they start to eulogize/Supersonic, do you know who you have martyred, I really do not think you realize/I hear the killers on their comms, “Bibi, the Goy’s been neutralized!”/But you spoke too soon, Jews, a beam the color of Hizbullah’s flag shoots up into the sky/Blueness fries, clouds all gush to blood, it’s a lucid sign from the Only and One True Divine (SWT)/It’s a new horizon and I dare you to guess yo who survived it?! ME! Through the music I boom and rise, the Iraqi destroyer of Jewish lies/And my message is Goyim that you will fly/And in my hand, it’s not a mic, it’s a deadly scepter/that casts out an energy that seeks out supremacy and tears down the likes of Leslie Wexner/Seif, Lehman, Lazard, Warburg, Rothschild, Schiff, Kuhn, Loeb, for too long we’ve let this frightening medley fester/Call me Sargon, Incredible and Stern, I’ll sever them with words and with clear boldness/Right as rain, let’s ice the brains of the Federal Reserve and its shareholders/I will no longer let y’all be sheeple/Take you out your Jew-state, mutate you into free people/Liberate you from the oligopoly media’s Heeb-evil/Andrew Breibart, Aviv Nevo/Brian Roberts to Rupert Murdoch it’s transparent how these creeps keep yo’/lives stuck in this matrix of hatred and deep sleep yo/This is Malcolm X the Yellow and Green sequel/Party of God shall be victorious, we soar in the star-filled mesosphere, we are not weak seagulls/Inheritors of the totally restored Falasteen, sons of the Phoenix, esteemed eagles/

HOOK (2x)
Do you know what this here is
Mouqawamah Music spirit
Hip-Hop Hizbullahi fire
Blazes bright with each lyric
You built a fortress, but we’ll burst through
With our faith, then disperse you
And the globe will cheer, LOUD
‘Cause Anti-Parasitism is Universal

Karbala and Intifada Consciousness, I’m here to shake the hold/Like I bankrupted every toy corp on Earth, I’m here to break the mold/Think of me as a Marbury patent, you cannot take my SOLE/Shot down every record deal that came my way/’cause I refused to be a shameful slave/who made his pay from the silent approval, of what the Zionist Jews do to nation-states/I did not come here to talk, no, I came to slay/The Judaic Dragon, so you two-faced faggots really should get alarmed/like a burglar who ain’t got the heart to do murder but tripped in the crib of a kingpin and he set off a sick alarm/A lot of these “rapper rebels” are CIA but front like they’re spitting hard/And others, go around insulting Hizbullah/And defending ‘Israel’s’ fake right to exist, while Lebanon, was getting bombed/Yuck, but the Buck stops here like the Milwaukee NBA franchise up in smoke/If you have no guts and don’t say “death to ‘Israel’”, your revolutionary status is just revoked/Hypocrites die when the missiles hit, time for you to run for cover dun/Hang out with a Viper long enough, no Technique mortal or Immortal that can stop you from becoming one/So keep slithering and hissing in your frail vest/Reach for your guns but it is a pasta shortage, they got no shells left/Hanging my victories on the wall, which fraud wants to get nailed next?/Do I like the Yahoud?! Hell no! Will I fight the Yahoud ‘till I’ve diced up their rule?! HELL YES!/Raise mics and destroy political correctness/Cut through the liberal proclivities, “chosen” sensitivities, and the miserable deceptions/Call a thing a thing, don’t care one bit who it offends/Globe Holders and Christ-haters, that’s what you colonized Muslims choose when you take the Jews as your friends/STOP IT! We need to aim the rockets at Steve Mnuchin and Adam Szubin, Janet Yellin and Edmond Safra/Crash and burn Ivan Glasenberg for making Africa hurt for a wedge of dollars/Blast through Stephen Schwarzman and Laurence Fink, only BlackStone or BlackRock that I rock with is Heaven’s Kaaba/We’re the living weapons of Shi’at al-Ali/Forged in fire to restore the light of Islam and return the epoch to Godly/from Imam Hussein (A.S.) to Enoch (A.S.) to Sean P., call me the Admiral of the Street Hop Jihadis/Tear down World Arrogance, I been told you we got the Party/And when we free the planet of Zion’s cancer, just do remember that, I began on the street blocks of Marcy/

All lyrics are the copyrighted intellectual property of Jonathan Azaziah a.k.a. Madd Cold.
Track Name: Ali al-Tawaari's Vengeance
Ali al-Tawaari’s Vengeance

___—Madd Cold—___

Gotta get my head clear/Do I shed tears? Or march to the Saudi embassy and let a few hot clips of lead smear/these devils all over the pavement for the way that they spread hate and spread fear/Or do I rhyme it out yo, shake you, make you all feel the chills from Yemen’s dead here/Make you gasp at the wounded and the malnourished/‘Cause you watch as the Talmudic and the foul flourish/You blame it on Ansarullah?! Please! That is stupid and just vile rubbish/How dare you insult the defenders!/While you are carrying the water, for the grossest pretenders/Claim Islam, but they’re acting like Yids/Doing what David Grün and his acolytes did/For every starved, Judaically sacrificed kid/in Yemen, Saud’ll burn in the afterlife big/

This here is vengeance for Ali al-Tawaari
Ain’t gon’ be no fear of Ashkenazis and their lobbies
Belt it out loud now, the Saudis are ungodly
And they, are gonna pay, make ‘em sorry for their follies
It’s about to get real awry in the party
For every girl you slaughtered, left their dollies on their bodies
Every boy you maimed, this the glory of the starving
Every Goy you’ve slain, Yemen’s story is their heartbeat

There are those rare occasions when you see an image/And it bleeds and sticks in your mind like a bullet that rips through your eye and impedes your vision/That’s what Ali al-Tawaari did to me, his misery is simply too obscene to list it/It is insane brother, he’s got such a lack of vitamins his skin changed color, his ribcage structure is so thin, strange, busted yo that I just really need to scream ballistic/Body so deformed from no food, only thing the Saudis know is war, they’re so cruel, they are LOVING besieging babies and besieging women/Annihilating everything that gives life to Yemenis, that’s the strategic mission of these evil misfits/Based on the Kabbalistic calculations of their Zionist overlords who are warlocks and demon wizards/Casting spells on the “Goyim” with their poison ‘cause their hatred is so deep and vicious/


Cynics who ain’t got a clue about the Resistance, they look at Yemen and then they say it’s hardly heavenly now/Wondering so disgustingly like, “where is the hope?!” for a starving Yemeni child/And there ain’t no doubt I look at little Ali and my heart breaks to a billion, pieces/But then I look upon the light of the Yemeni Islamic Mouqawamah, and I see angels, a trillion, beacons/Between Saud and the Yahoud, maybe we only gotta raze through a million, leeches/ALLAH (SWT) is tugging on the rope right there with us, I asseverate you we will defeat this/‘Cause these Dönmeh hypocrites will never climb to the magnificence that the faithful’s resilience reaches/Ain’t no Iman like the Yemeni Iman and that Iman takes you to brilliant, zeniths/You sky and personify what skying is, the most lively and vibrant peeps/You’re inspiring me to fire these shots at the Zionist tyrant kings/who done did the most vile things to Ali al-Tawaari with their maniacally sick and violent siege/Time to breathe then make ‘em pay for their crimes indeed/


All lyrics are the copyrighted intellectual property of Jonathan Azaziah a.k.a. Madd Cold.
Track Name: Long Live Syria III (Our Backbone)
Long Live Syria III (Our Backbone)

___—Madd Cold—___

Some may swear and call/for a moment of silence to remember the, 100 martyrs of the Syrian Arab Army massacred in cold blood by America, in Deir Ezzor/But I’d rather us scream with fearless force/So the Empire of Zion can hear us roar/ROAR! You can kill our men but you can’t kill our spirit/You can spill our friends but you can’t spill a lyric/You could put Cold in a casket/And from beyond the grave y’all know that, I would still flow with a hatchet/Foaming and blasting like Issam Zahreddine possessed my soul, and he’d only let me go if I put fifty holes in the rats quick/Stood against Operation Oranim 2.0 and we ripped out its Zionist throat and collapsed it/

HOOK (2x)
No matter the money and the arms that flow
No matter the terror neocons have sown
We won’t submit in the combat zone
Long Live Syria, Our Backbone

Sayyed Abou Hadi said the most phenomenal and the most precise rockets of the Resistance came from Syria/It was the baddest tech from Damascus, that sent the settlers running into their shelters, hence why they inflicted pain on Syria/And since the ‘Israeli’ tumor cannot be sustained in any age or future, these parasitic nitwits aimed for Syria/But they were too arrogant to see, that the people of Bilad al-Sham weren’t cowering and bowing to the Heeb, so the Yidling scheme got clipped and slain and Syria/No “regime change” and there ain’t no break in the links of our family/We’re still all together and we’re strong as ever and we’re draped in the Armor of God, no kinks or chinks in our panoply/


Even in the midst of sanctions and invasion/Syrian bullets and missiles ain’t stop heading to the Gaza Mouqawamah and it’s this that the Jews were banking on degrading/But instead those beauties brethren, I’m talking ‘bout those Souri weapons, left IOF creeps in heaps, their planes maimed and tanks eviscerated/Mossad murdered General Muhammad Suleiman (R.A.) and now he is ranking with the ancients/S.A.A. gave its soul to make Palestine free/While the “rebels” sold their souls to the devils to make Palestine bleed/Six-pointed stars on their domes expose what this muck clearly is, I’m sparking a reprisal/If you dare call ‘em moderates, I will punch you in your esophagus, Takfiri pigs be Takfiri pigs regardless of their titles/


From Iraq with love, I salute you Sham/Struggle and fight are the same, us and you, what we share is a crucial bond/Kazimiyeh to Sadr City to Dimashq, our hearts are catching fire/ Najaf to Karbala, Samarra to Mosul, over to Homs we are your testifiers/Kufa to Halab, Al-Jaulan to Daraa and blessed Darayya/Basra and Fallujah be hard, though we keep singing these eulogy songs, but ain’t nobody mo’ steadfast than the people of Al-Foua’a and Kefraya/Hellishness of siege don’t break ‘em, starvation, shelling and disease don’t take ‘em, we’re in awe and yes, inspired/When the US ZOR annihilated our nation/Sending families running, it was you who gave us a haven/And now since you need the aiding and saving/We will wage liberation until our blood runs dry and we meet the One Who Does All The Making and Shaping (SWT)/This ain’t Game of Thrones but Bashar al-Assad’s Syria, is the real Castle Black/Cannot stand up and walk on the path of freedom, if Our Backbone’s cracked/


All lyrics are the copyrighted intellectual property of Jonathan Azaziah a.k.a. Madd Cold.
Track Name: We Love You Mahmoud!
We Love You Mahmoud!

___—Madd Cold—___

We love you Mahmoud! Let me get it outta the frame and say it for certain/When it came to delivering on the world stage you would slay it with a greatness like I’m slaying these verses/These madd vile ZOGs shake before you like the tails of some bad wild dogs, I mean you laid waste to this traitorous vermin/Dropped the gem that the monsters were hunting for Imam al-Mahdi (A.S.) but your leadership frustrated their searches/You ain’t once in a lifetime, you’re once in an eternity, you are who we yearn to be, and your way to liberation is perfect/Only standing at five-foot-three, but you’re a giant b, I’m talking ‘bout you’re taller than a Jupiter moon/Not a moment of your presidential tenure went by without you striving towards Lucifer’s doom/I feel when you were at the helm yo, the world was normal/The Ummah was unified, the young men and the girls were moral/We had some semblance of right, we weren’t caught in the satanic negativity’s swirling portal/And when you smiled that smile like a Pearl Immortal/We smiled with you, and felt happy and alive/Mossad’s “Green Revolution” couldn’t take you down or make you frown, in the face of your grace and style, the nastiest of lies/got hit, with your Tachyons and died/Uplifted the poor ‘cause you were in poverty yourself/Every word you speak makes the Global Zionist Lobby wanna throw its body in a well/The moustakbireen get sick when your name is mentioned/While the Moustazafeen get hype ‘cause wherever they are suffering your aim’s to end it/Said we could have a world without Zionism, and gave us hope where there once wasn’t a breath/We believe in you, and the occupying demon Jews gonna jump ship, get dumped, run, or get wrecked/When you echoed Sayyed Khomeini (R.A.), that the devilish ‘Israeli’ speck would disappear/The whole Global South stood up like we were all having a collective fit to cheer/Your courage, your heart, and your wonderful mind/Every bit of it is one of a kind/Right next to Sayyed Abou Hadi you launched the era of victory when stars, moon and sun are aligned/And no matter the terror, iniquity, the horrors and the hell/We gon’ tell our grandseeds we were Mahmoud’s team and we were there when the Dajjalic system fell/Hence why today Mahmoud is synonymous with the most phenomenal Quenelle/Your example is how the power of the Jews will get reduced to zero, you are our superhero, but we don’t need a comic book or/a movie ‘cause you’re the blazing trail left behind after a beaming comet took off/You’re the biggest reason 9/11 truth and “Holocaust” revisionism spread to the Earth’s four corners/And because they couldn’t stop the trend, they dispersed more mortars/more bombs, more bullets and more violence to spiral through/But you’re the man so you defiantly held up the Qur’an and the Bible too/And said you won’t divide us, ever, we won’t be divided by you sly Yahoud/Defended Iraq and Lebanon when every nation kneeled before ‘Israel’ and bowed to Bush/but you vowed to push, onward with the resistance ‘till the Empire was grinded into a pound of mush/Told us to hold on and those so deep in the darkness didn’t yelp/And the Islamic Revolutionary Guards delivered help/Beautiful, when you hugged Hugo Chavez’s mother, and kissed his coffin at his funeral, there wasn’t a revolutionary alive whose heart just didn’t melt/Habibi Mahmoud, we are not merely your fans or your partisans/We’d ride into the burning sky for you, we’d die for you, give us the word and we will be right there with the armaments/Give us the word, just give us the word, just give us the word, give us the word and we’ll be right there with the armaments/

HOOK (2x)
Ahmadinejad, The Good Doctor Is In
We wish you’d run in ‘17, so you could rock it again
Like a B-Boy, we love you got moves
What else is there to say? We Love You Mahmoud!

All lyrics are the copyrighted intellectual property of Jonathan Azaziah a.k.a. Madd Cold.
Track Name: Silence On The Sheikh feat. Yusuf Abdul-Mateen, Rafiqi Green & Khanverse
Silence On The Sheikh feat. Yusuf Abdul-Mateen, Rafiqi Green & Khanverse

___—Madd Cold—___

Verse 1 (Yusuf Abdul-Mateen)

You spit serious raps for Syria and Iraq/But it’s sad, you couldn’t find Nigeria on a map/We’re never hearing the facts from the MSM/See CNBC, Fox or CNN/And I don’t see an end in sight of the Shi’ite plight/Mass graves, last days, it won’t be alright/Until we fight, study, and read the blueprint/of Sheikh Zakzaky and his peaceful movement/ Since the Revolution, done for the cause/Even sacrificed six of his sons for Allah/Shaheeds, who bleed on the African sands/They even try to kill his wife, the better half of a man/And if it happens again, no joke, it’s on/ ‘Cause the government’s no different than Boko Haram/I slow-flow the song ’cause the message is strong/The Prophet and his Family get the blessings upon/Come on…

HOOK (Madd Cold)
Look around the Ummah and there’s Silence On The Sheikh
Don’t nobody give a damn about the violence and the rapes
Martyrs of Zaria, we will riot in your name
And tell the whole world, you were piled in a grave
By the most deplorable, tyrant in the pay
of ‘Israel’ and America, the vile and astray
Al-Saud too, but we’re defying them today
We just refuse to be silent on the Sheikh
Beantown and Chitown are rhyming for the Sheikh
Essex and Bradford are vibing for the Sheikh
Tehran and Kashmir are skying for the Sheikh
and Brooknam’s bombs make the Zionists decay
Ireland ain’t gon’ be silent on the Sheikh
Mother Africa ain’t silent on the Sheikh
Afghanistan ain’t silent on the Sheikh
and my beloved Iraq, we will pry him from his chains

Verse 2 (Rafiqi Green)

I came to speak truth, no worries God got me/At the podium like Malcolm you shot me/Did the same to Gamal and Qadhafi/Now they doing it to Sheikh Zakzaky/And they seized the property/It’s probably no probable cause on the arrest/They killed his 3 sons, and massacred the rest/And yes the US had been known of this, they lie about it and continue supporting Zionists/And uhh, it’s crazy how the people believe media/Other Muslims don’t support him ’cause he’s Shi’a/But he pray all five, and ain’t take no lives, and sends peace on the Prophet (S.A.W.W.), what are we doing here?/We falling to distractions, divisions, and names of the factions within the religion/But we got the same enemy watching/I know they wanna Pac me/Screaming free Zakzaky from the block to Washington!/


Verse 3 (Khanverse)

The real believers will lead the people/These evil creatures face demeaning defeat at the feet of God’s army/We speak of Shaheed Abdul Lateef Afghani (R.A.)/The peaceful and serene, esteemed preacher of the Deen Ibrahim Zakzaky/ He needs to be freed immediately, ’cause we not stopping/Even if they keep on bombing/The whole globe screaming, “I need peace!”/Truck bombs and IEDs, P2OG’s charred bodies/I’m sorry for, what the Monsters did in Zaria/Not acknowledged ’cause they not Khazar enough/Like our scars and our martyrs will not count among the slaughtered who were lost do not warrant such?/You claiming Islam but you’re slaves and Ikhwani stooges/Y’all are useless/Following the vultures’ demonic, repugnant Cultural Marxist blueprints/You are not Prophet Muhammad’s (S.A.W.W.) students/You say you care/You CAIR 4 Queers, but when the Sheikh disappeared, we didn’t hear from you, you were everywhere but there/We spitting ’till this innocent prisoner’s freed/Enflamed, in rage, ’cause he speaks on the criminal Heebs/ Betrayed this saintly sage, Silence on the Sheikh/Tyrants will be slain, their viruses erased/Wipe the slate clean from the demons that divide us/Regal eagle in the sky, with dreams to serve higher/True Love’s Mouqawamah, Sunni, Shia and Ahmadiyya survivors/Weak liars see feats that we inspire/Abdul-Mateen, Rafiqi Green, KV and Ziah


Verse 4 (Madd Cold)

Where are the Ummah and the activists for human rights?/Where is the Palestine Solidarity Movement? Too busy cackling and yapping with some Jewish types/Y’all will lash out at anyone anywhere who says anything “offensive” against some evil Yids/But when it comes to standing up for this man, who’s made millions of Africans aware, of every sick horror that the Falasteeni people live/Y’all feeble squids are nowhere to be found like the crown of a king overthrown in a coup/So we wanna know what kinda dough is flowing to you/Nevermind it’s so obvious even to the blind the Saudis got you confined so I won’t try to reach you pigs/Zakzaky’s a champion, you’re a disgrace/Zakzaky is the purest of saints/Only reason that I’m calling the names out of you morbid ingrates now is ‘cause I won’t let you deny the Nour on his face/Brethren, these hypocrites make me ill/You would think that spitting this makes me chill/But I swear on the Martyrs of Zaria that kicking this makes me feel/Furious, and I’m so serious I’m set to explode/If the Sheikh didn’t love Palestine so much they would’ve left him alone/If he never stood up for Yemen and Bahrain, they never would have brought hell to the steps of his home/wrecked and bulldozed the Huseiniyyah Baqiyatullah, his precious abode/If he ain’t defend Hizbullah, Syria and Iran, they wouldn’t have fired their weapons on him like a maleficent foe/If he never exposed Boko Haram, as a fraud of the Mossad then they wouldn’t have arrested and thrown/him and his wife into prison and put bullets in his sons, taking away their breaths and their souls/US and ‘Israel’ trained these goons, can’t you smell the habitual stink?/Ain’t nothing at all to riddle or think/Not about no “terror” but the oil and the gas and the soil and the grass and the tin and the zinc/Zakzaky was a target ‘cause he brought the diabolical Zionist project on the African continent to the literal brink/

BRIDGE (Madd Cold)
Death to the Buhari regime
Free Zakzaky, Free Zakzaky
Death to the Buhari regime
Free Zakzaky, Free Zakzaky
Death to the Buhari regime
Free Zakzaky, Free Zakzaky
Death to the Buhari regime
Free Zakzaky, Free Zakzaky
Death to the Buhari regime
Free Zakzaky, Free Zakzaky
We just refuse, we just refuse
We just refuse to be silent on the Sheikh!


Madd Cold's lyrics are the copyrighted intellectual property of Jonathan Azaziah a.k.a. Madd Cold.
Track Name: Who Do You Fear? (Shirk Nation)
Who Do You Fear? (Shirk Nation)

___—Madd Cold—___

Do you say “La Ilaha Illallah” or do you say “there’s no God but the Jew”?/I am not sensationalizing, or being harsh or askew/I am basically taking a shank to your faces and making a cut at the base of your eyelids and waking you up from your stasis of blindness to mar and defuse/your trepidations to shake you to dive in down that rabbit hole and then hearken to truth/I’m breaking the casing your battered soul has decayed in that’s trained you to be a slave to this virus, caving your mind in so you’re caged in your silence, lost in the tar and removed/from your Deen, taking up false gods as points of fear/So bad that you start to excuse, eating pork, drinking liquor and even endorse the satanic choice of queers/All to appease the liberals, it’s the peak of pitiful that you wanna be what they want you to be, the “modern and moderate Moslem”, it’s preposterous what you’ve anointed here/Westoxification, and you’ll die before you say the J-word, you treat it like a poisoned pear/So shook you look around corners just to see if Jews loiter near/If true Tawhid is what you believe in, why you so spooked to speak about the putrid evils of these Jewish demons, huh?/You do not fear ALLAH, you fear the Halakhic Dajjal/like a “Goyboy” stooge of its demonic cabal/

Keeping quiet at the feet of corrupt tyrannical rulers is Satan at work
This is where giants do battle, it really ain’t no place for a lurch
Time to decide
Will you ride for Hussein (A.S). or wind up with your face in the dirt?
Who Do You Fear, huh?
Are you a nation of Taqwa, or are you a Nation of Shirk?

Don’t talk to me ‘bout the pillars of Islam/when you are upholding the pillars of haram/Doing lots of shilling for the villains of the ZOG/Don’t pretend like you do not know who I mean, you ain’t the Jew Sean Penn in “I Am Sam”, there is no pursuant need to play the stupid scene, it’s the blood-spillers in Riyadh/Those Wahhabi-Takfiri killers with the bombs/How damn dare you make your Salat and you pay your Zakat/And when Jummah comes you pray with the flock/You booked your trip and you are on your way to the Hajj/But when it comes to raising your voice for Yemenis who been annihilated with phos...phorus/You hold your tongue ‘cause some Saudi-compensated imam/Will make a few complaints to your pops?/Tell me exactly what is this piousness for? His Highness our Lord?/or his highness, that fat sack of ghastliness “King” Salman, the Zionist boor?/I am thinking the latter ‘cause you ain’t scared of ALLAH’s punishment for failing to speak for the oppressed/You’re scared of having the Saudi “royal family” keeping their feet upon your neck/


Does Qur’an tell us to live in fear of the Jews?/Or does Qur’an make it crystal clear that everyone get aware of the Jews?/Surat al-Ma’idah says they are closest to us in enmity so check it/They have convinced you and weaseled their way into your lives to befriend you, yes the “chosen” blew up your sensory perception/Tricked you into thinking opposition to them and bigotry against us is one in the same/When Islamophobia only exists ‘cause the Jews bankroll it with chips in the billions, get your heads out the shekels and start overcoming the game/We’re targeted by World Zionism daily, we’re drowning in the blood of their bane/Meanwhile, the Jews have more wealth, power and influence than any other previous historical juncture or age/Does that sound “oppressed” to you? What the hell have you done with your brains?/They want you to sub and replace Islam with their “leftist” trash/Exchange Khomeini (R.A.) for Moses Hess’s rags/Him and Marx, dark rabbinical thieves who stole Mazdak’s (A.S.) perfected path/Subverted it with a Kabbalistic hex and thrashed/every drop of its essence bad/Converted it into a weapon to keep Gentile youth brainwashed, fake-liberation-obsessed and mad/And so they can protect their cash/ and their “Greater ‘Israel’” scheme to expand not east but westwards, do you get this, they want their Imperium stretching vast/So now we got colonized “Muslims” who won’t slam Western devil regimes/And Judaized “Muslims” spewing Western feminist themes/One wants you to obey the authority as if that authority is higher than God, and His Heavens that gleam/And the other wants you to align your Iman, with degenerate teams/of Frankfurt School-spawned panelists and analysts, out to level the Deen/But question any of it, they’ll quiet you, say they don’t wanna be divided, you need to be chilling and just stop it/But since when does Islam sanction us being unified with the Killers of the Prophets?/ Such filth, you should be so damn ashamed/‘cause you don’t fear ALLAH (SWT), you fear the ones who believe that His hands are chained/


All lyrics are the copyrighted intellectual property of Jonathan Azaziah a.k.a. Madd Cold.
Track Name: Ornaments Adorning Us
Ornaments Adorning Us

___—Madd Cold—___

Levantine Tiger and a Lebanese Brawler/Situation of the enemy’s dire and the enemy falters/When they think of you, and they’ll sink from you, ‘cause Samir Quntar is an institution, that breaks devilry’s liars and hegemony’s forgers/You’re a storm of sand so vast and rough/that descendants of apes and pigs won’t outrun ‘cause they can’t go fast enough/Dean Of The Liberated Detainees From ‘Israeli’ Prisons/Samir Quntar strikes fear in the hearts of every single ‘Israeli’ living/And I’m crazy wishing that you could’ve seen Palestine whole, with every last ‘Israeli’ missing/and that goes for the Golan as well/But don’t you worry, Hizbullah will avenge you and send you salutes when your murderers fold hard to Hell/American ZOG labeled you as a “Specially Designated Global Terrorist”/ But the joke is on them ‘cause your destiny levitates you home to Heaven’s bliss/You, are so dazzling and vibrant and fly/You passed as you lived, giving hope to us, as a dagger in the Zionists’ eyes/

Names unknown until they’re gone
And when they achieve martyrdom we don’t mourn
We proudly celebrate their victories
And tell the whole world ‘bout their history
of Resistance and how they crushed the invaders
Righteous, light-filled, just liberators
Our heroes are Ornaments, adorning our fight
Soaring in flight, not fallen but gorgeous and bright
Bright, like Ornaments Adorning Us
So bright like Ornaments Adorning Us
Our martyrs are like Ornaments Adorning Us
Our martyrs like angels reassuring us
So bright like Ornaments Adorning Us
Like Nour, they are Ornaments Adorning Us
Our martyrs are like Ornaments Adorning Us
Our martyrs like angels reassuring us

Sweida Lion and a Sweida Warrior, you braved the fires and attained euphoria/Salkhad misses you, but they’re so proud that they didn’t stoop to no tears, ‘cause they’re clear that your sacrifice paved the way to, slay the Zionists and raze Khazaria/In the souls of your fighters, hope is glowing with brightness, ‘cause they know the day is coming when the Golan Heights will be a saved environment and draped in gloriam/Hizbullah held you dear and with them, you protected Damascus/Yo’ blood holds up our Beneficent Axis/RIP to Alaa Taysir Nassif who went, clearly with the love of ALLAH (SWT)/General, Commander, Legend and Hero of the Syrian Republican Guard/


Abadan Knight, and Abadan Victor/Now you’re resting in Hamadan’s light, and Hamadan’s splendor/Martyred in the battle to ensure every Takfiri terrorist automaton’s wiped, out, not a one left about and their phenomenon rendered/defeated, you and your Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps crew ain’t wanna leave ‘till it had been beaten, but instead you gave your soul/in Halab, like a true soldier of Muhammad (S.A.W.W.) to regain a hold/on the heart of Syria and make it whole/So, we are not weakened, nor will we fret from your passing/We have been strengthened in fact though only ALLAH (SWT) sees it, like the jinns who wept right next to your casket/Legacy intact, put a stop to Saddam’s subversive advancement/Upheld Khomeinism in ‘09 and put a stop to the Kurdish expansion/Wanna learn Farsi kteer, just so I could read your books/And apply that experience to hunt down the myriad of homeland-invaders and fiendish crooks/Hossein Hamadani, with all your gifts, we flip in awe of you/Rest in power, Resistance Oracle/


Iraqi brother and Iraqi fam/Hardened by the scorching heat of the Iraqi summers and Iraqi sands/Fought the occupiers who had Iraqis smothered on Iraqi lands/And brought honor to Iraqi mothers and Iraqi clans/Guarded Kazimiyeh, Kufa, Karbala and Najaf and their shrines on our soil with ease/And when the Takfiris threatened Zaynab (A.S.) you ain’t hesitate to hit Syria to foil their scheme/Harakat Hizbullah al-Nujaba’s ace and giant/Shine of Hashd al-Shaabi and beloved friend of our Sheikh yo, Akram al-Kaabi, your blaze lit the way and laid waste to tyrants/Sayyed Alaa Moussawi, rest in peace, Bilad al-Rafidayn and Bilad al-Sham are bearing your mark/Nusra and ISIS feared you, just the mention of your name would tear them apart/You fell on the battlefield protecting Noble Islam’s radiant crown/Succumbed to your wounds, under the moon, but not before making all of Mesopotamia proud/


Lebanese prince, and Lebanese maestro/A Mouqawamist career like no other, you steadily minced, the enemy psychos/Mossad couldn’t track you, their sanctions didn’t do a thing/You wreaked havoc on their positions, they couldn’t hinder you or bring/your ops to a stop, your men kept moving and liberating/Beacon, a deacon who instilled in his soldiers, that Jerusalem is awaiting/We ain’t talking a battalion or two/We’re talking four generations of Hizbullahis, Heaven’s Army is imprinted pure with your signature, if this was Marcy then the kids and all would be wearing medallions of you/Ranked with Hajj Imad Mughniyeh, a rank so high there is no description/You’re the spring from which our fighting spirit flows, life-force embedded in the code of the whole Resistance/Sayyed Zulfiqar Hajj Moustafa Badreddine, you are the leader of the Ornaments Adorning Us and blessed is your blood/To give one’s life for a cause as righteous as yours is the ultimate testament of love/


All lyrics are the copyrighted intellectual property of Jonathan Azaziah a.k.a. Madd Cold.
Track Name: Blood Of The Lion
Blood Of The Lion

___—Madd Cold—___

Heads roll when the bells of the dead toll/It’s a red road I tread yo/Hypocrites are snickering and whispering like the little insignificant maggots that they are like, “Is Death To Israel!” really what he said though?!”/SHO’ IS, we’re Husseini and in the face of your power we don’t cower, we are mountains and dignity ain’t something that we beg fo’/Yeah, let me clear right here now about the end goal/It ain’t just the entity’s death but the House of Rothschild enemy’s necks up on a chopping block, guillotines pop and lock loud when Liberation crescendos/Crime labs say these devil-things were crushed by a Khomeiniist, for embezzling humanity’s resources, and of course they would allege Cold/Bodies were found scarfaced, just touch the shoulders and the arms break, everything from the forehead to the legs froze/in a mystical hypothermic attack like his Zulfiqar-mic sword swift and smooth sniped and murdered these rats, and he left a rhyme signed “Labaykah ya Nasrallah!”, with handfuls of petals from a red rose/So I wade through the blood of the martyrs/‘Cause you know that Satan put mud in the waters/to drown us when we’re coming up for air, but what he don’t know is we ain’t getting numb or stuck from fear because we are soldiers, made in the slums and the projects/And we’re inspired with ire by the fire of Imam Hussein’s (A.S.) defiance of a tyrant, the heavily, ignorant Yazid who left seventy, innocents to bleed ‘cause they ain’t bend to his decree, they were maimed and then gutted and slaughtered/But the stance of the Imam transcended all of history, and his horrid misery, transformed to a gorgeous victory, deep in the souls of the faithful, the plundered and starving/Ali Akbar and Ali Asghar, so vivid in my mind’s eye when I see the Falasteeni people, raising their sons and their daughters/only to watch ‘em get butchered in the West Bank, Al-Quds or the Strip, by these heinous, repugnant monsters/when they’re going straight insane as they’re raiding and pummeling Gaza/Ashoura is not a day and Karbala ain’t a place, they ain’t slogans, they are states of being/for any and all Moustazafeen who struggle every single day against these vulturous hellacious demons/Yo, yo, we know their lies because the Holy Qur’an had us told us why they’re so despised, word, they ain’t chosen, they’re voracious Heathens/So Mark Madd Cold’s words like the Gospel’s Second Book, we gon’ leave these hostile lechers shook up and frozen in disgrace, defeated!/Like Imam Hussein saved Islam, we will save Falasteen from the River to the Sea and, every last inch that they stole, we’ll liberate, believe it/

When I say “YA!”, y’all say “HUSSEIN!”
Blood’s in the sky when I make it rain
This is for Palestine, through rhyme, pain and rage
The enemy will die on my razor blade
Hegemony will fry when I aim and spray
With my mic, let ALLAH’s light now blaze the way
“Death To Israel!” This is what we cry out
In the name of Hussein, the entity dies out

Blood of the Lion (A.S) and his Son (A.S.), it is skying not just pumping in our hearts, this is how we have rumbled since the start of the revolt of Al-Mukhtar (R.A.) against the Umayyads/And it’s on this transhistorical, supra-Islamic magnificent basis, that I spit this and say it/Freeing Palestine’s aura from ‘48 to the Sinai border from this global-colonial enterprise don’t require permission from the Mizrahi, Sephardi and Yiddish enslavers/It is just baseless when we consider Hussein is the son of the Prophet and thus the beloved of God and his authority assuredly is all we need when resisting the matrix/Fam, I quote Muhammad (S.A.W.W.), yeah, I ain’t quoting Marx b or quoting Chomsky or quoting Trotsky, not quoting Zinn, what kinda frame of mind are you sick jokers in, you are toasted zombies, straight up twisted and brainless/A colonized mind doesn’t recognize the enemy ‘cause the enemy’s tendencies are instilled in his memory after a lifetime of hasbara has demolished him, mentally, physically, spiritually, blown to all kinds of smithereens, is his identity, he don’t know if he’s atheistic, a liberal or an illiterate pagan/Disconnected from his religion and the most sadistic of haters of it could not be more flipping elated/Every so often, you get an urge for the Deen like it’s burning your genes but your “chosenite”, overlords with the overbites and souls of ice tell you no goy, here, have some Critical Theory/They don’t want you to know God ‘cause with Him you can easily expose their whole fraud, so they keep you doped on ideologies, that are so false, are you absorbing these, nuggets in the form of the lyrical clearly?/‘Bout to open your brain wide like General Hur (R.A.), when he joined the Karbala battle on Imam Hussein’s (A.S.) side, let the pitiful, cynical and of course the miserable hear me/Is there divinity in ALLAH’s Word or in the words of the Yahoudlings?/Word, so do you serve Al-Malik (SWT), or are you servants of the Jew-‘kings’/Ain’t gon’ liberate your land when you’re in the damn pay of its oppressor/You don’t just need to alter the scene, you need to flip the script and make a change in the director/Throw out your actors and producers ‘cause they’re hacks and they’re Talmudic spreading madd degeneration in the sector/‘Israel’ needs death and so do you if you ain’t totally down with the elimination of this vector/You know the Shimr from before, but it’s time you know the Shimr of today/World Jewry, Dajjal, Shaytan, Jewish Cultural Imperialism and Global Zionism are their names/Need a picture? We gotta get our Yemeni peoples, Sheikh Ibrahim Yaqoub al-Zakzaky and the Shahid Nimr al-Nimr in the frame/By our side are the angels and the jinn and the Eternal Life Prophet Al-Khidr (A.S.) when we pray/Grab the gats and the katyushas, if you see the cobras slithering away/Ride out like the Imam on Zuljanah, his holy stallion through the mix/of the Portuguese and the Spaniards, Italians and the Brits/And the French and the Belgians and the Germans plus the Dutch/All y’all “leftists” wanna crush them up/though you won’t touch the stuff/that links them as nothing but/the Rothschild Empire’s “Shabbos Goy” customers/You’re so wack, and your cowardice is hazardous to my health so ain’t a thing undefined or muddy here/Just Haqq and Sumoud like Lady Zaynab (A.S.) who maintained her amazing patience as the rains that came down from the sky were bloody tears/or like Abou Fadhl al-Abbas (A.S.) whose courage was so sublime right, from The Divine (SWT) like this rhyme, it’s a sign and sunny-clear/or like Imam Zayn al-Abideen (3alayhi salaam), who never broke, even though every single day he cried for twenty years/after what the tyrant did at Karbala, so Falasteen, don’t let ‘em fill your eyes with ugly fear/Only a matter of time until your free and that time of love be near/Yeah, that time of love be near...

We scream “Labaykah Ya Hussein!”
So Zionist filth, you can die of rage!


All lyrics are the copyrighted intellectual property of Jonathan Azaziah a.k.a. Madd Cold.
Track Name: How The Hooks Hook
How The Hooks Hook

___—Madd Cold—___

How The Hooks Hook?! How the Jews Jew?!
Let me show you exactly what the Jews do!
They want the “Goy” destroyed, this the breakdown
They hate White, they hate Black, and they hate Brown
They hate Olive, they hate Yellow and they hate Red
Best of the “Goyim” should be killed, that’s what they said
Let me show you the truth, from their crook books
Shocked to your bones when you know How The Hooks Hook

Some walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I walk through the valley of the shadowy Jews/in my Ballies, staging rallies, tallying up their crimes ‘cause they’re badly removed/from reality, in actuality they’re travesties and more like a living, breathing, demon malady too/So we gots to confront the beast and I does it with my valiant crew/
Plus they know brothers and sisters, named Hassan, Muhammad, Hans, Jamal, Mark, Max, Mack, Jack, Sally and Sue/Germans, Belgians, Brits, Irishmen and Italians too/We ain’t down with colonialism here so if you ain’t either, let’s attack these creatures who are acting like aggy baboons, searching madly for food/And then get that Black-White-Divide, hacked right to a half pint in size and run roughshod so hard on these crabby Yahoud, you nah mean?!/White Supremacy and bigotry are very much present but presently, what affects us much more heavily is the Pig-Yid-Squids at the top of the pyramid/And if you think not yo, then drop it yo, here it is/Go to university and peep the lucid perfidy, Professor Weinsteinfarbberg tells you, “cracker this, cracker that!”, and what to do for stopping it/but if you say, “Professor Jew! What about you and your family’s role in the Slave Trade boo?!” then you lose your scholarship/You think the rulers gonna teach you ideologies that guide you properly in movements of revolution to remove ‘em from their ruthless profiting/off the honest labor of the “Goyim” then you must be a stupid communist/Or just stupid, already doomed to a Zio-designed, television-advertised white-and-blue sarcophagus/And don’t start with the “fascist” and “anti-Semite” smears ‘cause it’s too monotonous/You don’t even know what Jewish doctrine is/So don’t get smacked for your imprudent gossiping/Welcome to the anti-Yahoudi beauty, it is so true and populist/True as the moon when it’s full at night, music is more full of life than Falasteeni Yaffa orange juice you consume to wash down the toum and the foul and olives with/


Looking down through history, y’all know who the powerful smite/And I don’t need the Voltaire quote to show you, criticizing the vampires who can’t be criticized is exactly how you get knifed/But how will they strike me down when I broadcast these delicious Anti-Parasitic sounds through the mic?/‘Cause once the music is heard, it becomes eternal and no longer can you murder it, it just keeps getting more impervious, and before you know it, it becomes the potent antidote and we are flowing as we overthrow you and your heads get bound to a spike/Turn up this freezer burn in the speakers so very loud that the pipes/Start bursting and we do not hear the enemy screaming and chirping and howling at night, you nah mean?!/But first let us get to the root of the killers so the Kehilla just rapidly destructs/We know y’all got the Kalergi Plan for Europe, meshed with Oded Yinon’s strategy for us/“Clash of Civilizations” fomented so we both savagely combust/Wanna be like Abou Azrael shouting “3ayna Tafroun?! Illa Ta7in!” and slam these maggot-Heebs to dust/But we’ll never get to that point if we don’t declare right now, right here, that this has to be enough/They created Takfiris to kill us, to spill us, to oppress us and balkanize/While making you think Islam commits and permits all sorts of crimes/Saudi regime spreads it, it’s endless yo and these demons spend their dough for more divides/Blast Western states with false flag terror, and then Islamophobia becomes normalized/They fostered neocons among you right from genesis/to make every one of us think that, all y’all are white supremacist/Lies engulf, both sides and we’re grabbing each other by the throats they say there’s hate with no slice of evidence/Bloodshed ignites from rhetoric/And before you know it a racial war has taken off, we can’t change the course and there won’t be any type of settlement/They want me to confirm that they’re quite the nemesis/But I got nothing but disdain for these utterly insane maniacs who don’t think that Christ is eminent/And I won’t tip my hat to any form of Kike Malevolence/Oh, y’all don’t like it when I say “kike”, then go get mad at your own ‘cause Ashkenazi tripe invented it/You people are abominations go read Stephen Birmingham’s “Our Crowd” for the confirmation, y’all are far beyond slightly devilish/Besides, that ain’t me, I only say it to get under your skin and I can see that it’s working you ticks/You don’t like when the shoe’s on the other foot so I switched the Ballies to the Js, get it, Js? How you like my perfect new kicks?/How many times did y’all get the boot for the way you laced the usury, and Blood Passover lunacy, truthfully was it worth the few chips?/I know y’all are Slippers of justice, but I’m gon’ Clog your escape routes and Pump ‘em full of raw truth like a surgical hit/You think you’re in the high-tops but when I pop you in the teeth, with my Ewing high-tops I’ll watch you Chaims stop like skateboarders failing to nail a vertical flip/Hip-Hop is my hammer, you Flip-Flop and you stammer when you go toe-to-toe but I’m steel, while you steal, I’m still here, to instill fear in you frill queers ‘cause Gentile liberation, really is not a concern to you twits/Judaism has got you gone, I want to free you from your bondage, if that don’t work, let me show you on the map where Birobidzhan is, I don’t want to murder you quick/I want you to suffer for pitting brother against brother destroying each other, and tearing us all asunder in your servitude pits/Rise Goyim, today it is the end of our Goyhood/Anti-“chosen” revolt, just like the Goys should/How the Hooks Hook?! How the Hooks lie, tell me how the Hooks fool?/Don’t even matter after this joint ‘cause “Never Again” will the Hooks rule/I said “Never Again” will the Hooks rule...


All lyrics are the copyrighted intellectual property of Jonathan Azaziah a.k.a. Madd Cold.
Track Name: Hidden Hands Of Entropy
Hidden Hands Of Entropy

___—Madd Cold—___

Let us take a walk to a place on the edge of the sea/where the living embodiment of malevolence breeds/Where humanity’s nemesis feeds, where the genesis`of Palestine’s usurpation was concocted in a devilish scheme/by the residents and their international backers who happen to be the owners of presidents and the menaces and executives of the settlement dream/All of ‘em degenerate descendants of a venomous fiend/by the name of Zevi, wait, it’s about to get twice as deranged and heavy with unpleasantness, ‘cause these terrorists registered the severance of so many Armenian, Syrian, Greek and Lebanese innocents who they made perish and bleed/Financed the genocide with their tobacco and textile wealth/Also known as reptile gelt/Dönmeh, crypto-Jew, hidden-Yahoudi, Young Turk, they go by all sorts of monikers/Killers and villains wearing tefillin and of course the yarmulkes/Drinking “Goy” baby blood on Passover, Purim, Yom Kippur and Hanukkah/While they are acting like reformists though it was all just nothing but fraud phenomena/Did you figure it out? I’m talking ‘bout a city that was called Salonika/This was their base for all of the hell that would transpire/Not secular but Jewish supremacist, “secularism” is easily the biggest protective shell of the vampire/Crushed the Ottomans so they could steal Quds/You got the wrong one if you thought I would keep quiet so you could feel good/

Hidden Hands Of Entropy, tugging your strings
Hidden Hands Of Entropy, running your bings
Hidden Hands Of Entropy, do the most repugnant of things
and they got control of your govs and your kings
They write your history, and your laws
Tell you who to condemn and plan your wars
Stuck in a deviant web of lies
the Hidden Hands Of Entropy, did the Armenian Genocide

Time to call ‘em out, the song is my weapon and the serenade’s lethal/When life gives you lemons you make lemonade but when you’re fighting the devil and the devil’s babes then the lemonade’s evil/So don’t you swallow it, we gots to spit it out to educate people/Talaat Pasha, architect and overseer of the roster that carried out the Armenian Genocide, he was known as the “renegade Hebrew”/Kemal Ataturk, father of the Turkish state/was actually a harbinger of hurt and hate/Recited Kabbalistic Judaic “prayers” in secret, a deliverer of carnage, a subversive snake/And at his core, just one more sick pale Dönmeh/Funded with a massive Soviet payload when the Bolsheviks gave gold, secured by his Yahoudling friend Mikhail Frunze/Allowed the Rothschilds’ Baku Oil Enterprise to extract oil from the Caspian Sea/Typical “chosenite”, lived to go after fat spoils with the nastiest greed/All top Young Turks were Jews or Masons, too amazing you think it’s all some intangible farrago/And the head, a major player in B’nai B’rith was none other than one Emmanuel Carasso/They ain’t wanna put Armenians and Arabs in manacles but fossils/Vladimir Jabotinsky running their paper/Alexander Helphand, better known as Parvus, one of the darkest, was in charge of enlarging their arms stockpiles and bumping their cake up/Munis Cohen developed Pan-Turkism, so putrid, this movement, every move they make even sounds like satanic music, don’t it?/Mehmet Cavit Bey ran finance, and Refik Bey was premier, Jews are everywhere in this brutish omen/Do you see the pattern? Is it yes or no?/‘Cause I don’t believe that you believe that any of these evil faggots are intellectuals/And if that’s the case, we have to deracinate all their schemes and madness, and then wreck their show/For after they killed the Armenians, these bleeding maggots wanted to keep on wreaking havoc, with aggressive goals/in Iraq and ethnically cleanse the pop. ‘till another Jewish “state” had been established, to connect the flows/from the Nile to Euphrates, it is vile and it’s crazy but this is how the demons mapped it, for their festival/of killing, so yo, now that you know yo, are you gonna keep shilling and spinning the lies?/You better not, ‘cause it is a malicious design/that only keeps Muslim-Christian division alive/


Now you know why ‘Israel’ doesn’t recognize it and the ADL lobbies the American Congress to do the same/Zionists across the planet start to panic at the mere thought, they’re candid that they won’t allow it, it’s a rather lucid game/Not just because of their supremacy and hegemony and they never want the world to ever see anyone other than them as holy victims/Not just because of their control over this lowly system/which allows them to force the “Goyim” to see through a rosy prism/while simultaneously making them maim each other in a phony schism/No, it’s because if they provide recognition than they are acknowledging their role/And their secret will be done, calls will be global for The Monsters to atone/Simply spit, if you don’t mind a little Anti-Parasitic linguistic flip, Yiddora’s Box will get shocked, it’ll topple and explode/All their efforts to keep the followers of Christ (A.S.) at the throats of one another/will be choked and spun asunder/in a tornado of unity, we ruthlessly reject the fitnah, which is the “chosen” guns and butter/The Armenian Genocide was not the work of/even one single “Islamic purger”/but a crime of Talmudic-Kabbalistic-Halakhic murder/conducted in conjunction with a gang of Freemasonic shirkers/Now their lie’s out so we gon’ ride out in style, like a post-Ramadan rest period/No need to say “what?!”, we got ‘em in danger, call us the Hip-Hop successors, of Soghomon Tehlirian/


All lyrics are the copyrighted intellectual property of Jonathan Azaziah a.k.a. Madd Cold.
Track Name: Fifteen Years Of Hell feat. Trevolution
Fifteen Years Of Hell feat. Trevolution

___—Madd Cold—___

World’s greatest conspiracy and the plotters got the Muslims asleep at the wheel/Stuck in a discourse controlled by Yahoud you slick-talk and scold and abuse George Bush like this mook is the reason for ills/He is nothing but the puppet, just the frontman, just the Shabbos Goy stooge for these crooks who are demons for real/You don’t catch the interconnectedness of their kinship networks and the ethnic, cult-religious, tribalistic specificity, of these sick butchers you shriek at schlemiels/You don’t even catch their Yiddish as their anti-Islamic agenda and their faggotronic histrionics dismember us in their push, you just look and you squeak and you squeal/All of our blood’s what the Hooks have been seeking to steal/And it’s right in what their books have been teaching but still/Y’all tripped up and fell for the okiest doke/We’ll get to the class soon but I’m giving you Sassoon in the verse, ‘cause that hasbara curse has got you higher than Chinese on the Baghdadi Jews’ opium smoke/Seven countries in five years, worldwide fire is what Zion and its cronies have stoked/Gas chambers ain’t make 4,000 ‘Israelis’ vanish into thin air, and miss work on 9/11, do you see what I did there?! It is such boloney, a joke/Every one of ‘em got a text from Odigo, but don’t you go to the media, they will just tell you it’s an odious trope/Kobi Alexander, Alex Diamandis, Avner and Maskit Ronen, they ain’t even the beginning when it comes to these felonious folk/

Towers came down and the whole globe burned
But, I will not hold my tongue and be reduced to no words
Let the rhymes blast in ultraviolet bars
And tell the Earth, 9/11 was a Zionist Job
Through the wreckage and the fire and the flames
We’ll tear down the oppressors and the liars and the lames
They, dropped poison but we swiftly cleared the well
And we survived this, Fifteen Years Of Hell

Told y’all that there would be a lesson on these demented worms, unbridled ticks/Blood-sucking bugs, they are disgusting thugs who have crushed anyone looking into how their terror turns and stifled it/I already know you never heard of Michael Dick/Federal agent investigating an ‘Israeli’-‘state’-owned corporation by the name of Zim, and the filth they were engaging in, Michael Chertoff let him squirm and bite a bit/He ain’t want him to know they broke their lease with a mere few days go right before 9/11 so he fired him, expired his career, they’re diametrically opposed to Heaven’s Word and righteousness/ From top to bottom, Jewry orchestrated the dumb fable/Hijackers were actually the patsies of Mossad and that’s just one angle/Stephen Cauffman wrote the NIST report, Ben Chertoff penned the Popular Mechanics hit on anyone asking questions of course, there are two more scumbagels/Ellinoff, Gold and Jason Bermas are “9/11 Truth’s” un-angels/Every Yid complicit needs to get stung then hung from their Talmudically spun halos/J.U.M.s mangle and operate at different levels but, every devil's scandalous/How you want your cover-up?! Amit Yoran and Guardium, or Alan Ratner’s Metal Management/Saudis did the job?! Who’s selling the slime?/None other than Chuck Schumer and the ugliest-mutt Jewess Mindy Kleinberg the most hellish of swine/“Royal Scum” front page was just Mortimer Zuckerman telling you lies/You’re not a dominant shooter, if you never exposed Dominic Suter for his role in this elephant crime/I’m explosive enough to tell you all about the LVI Services of Burton Fried/And enough of a lobster fam to dig deep into the hottest sand, and reveal Michael Bloomberg’s put options scam, yeah, he was working for Bear Sterns’ greed/Goldman Sachs forewarned by their fellow warlords but I am “anti-Semitic”?! to point out it’s all wrong, come on dog, it is just murderous absurdity/


WTC is both Solomon’s Temple and a replicate of the Kaaba/So destroying it was literally the destroyers of history anointing and maliciously a crusade against Islam with pestilences and horror/Executed for Tisha B’av, when the Jews commemorate the Second Temple’s destruction/Message here is vengeance on the New Rome and the erection of a new throne, no different than a shtetl, it’s a Jew zone with the “kings” spreading things of infectious mental corruption/Make society so disconnected and dejected they can’t even recognize the most obvious lesson of rejecting simple injustice/Create a fake enemy in the form of Muslims to justify the preplanned marauding and the death/And it is here we return to the symbological connect/What does it mean if the peak of Freemasonry i.e. the Hiram Abiff-made Temple of Solomon is wrecked?/This is how you know the “chosen” are Satan, Twin Towers represented Boaz and Jachin/Destroy these pillars and you open a gate to release an evil beyond every known “normal” so corroded and tainted/Not something that they speak of or tell, just ask Isser Harel, the blueprints were there and yo/This was years ago/Oded Yinon, Clean Break and PNAC, this is how these monsters steer the show/How they disseminate fear and sow, discord when they pull the ripcord and unleash their scheme, stop with the fear you need to be clear and know/who the controllers are, I’m talking ‘bout Libby, Feith, Wurmser and Perle/These are some of the Halakhic types burning the world/Raping and poisoning, Schmitt, Bauer, Friedberg, Krauthammer down to the Kagans and Scheunemann/Solarz and Gaffney, the list is just so large and ghastly, world domination’s what they’re baking and boiling/Bernstein to Wortzel to Bolton, Epstein to Cohen, Shulsky to Rosen, Rudy Boschwitz to Norman Podhoretz, I’ma take all of these verminous demons to task/The predator’s relentless, they “Rebuilt America’s Defenses”, by turning our region to ash/


They hit Afghanistan first and the Bin Laden search was the pretext that the criminals yelled/Even though the CIA asset Osama aka Timothy Osman was in pitiful health/Died at the end of ‘01 but they kept his image alive like a terrorism shogun and on TV repeat in a cylindrical swell/Hasbara was so obnoxious it was something that even the biggest of the imbeciles felt/Agenda was obvious, but they still exercised maximum not minimal stealth/Yosef Maiman’s Merhav Group swooped in to steal Afghani mineral wealth/“Thou shalt do war by way of deception”, that’s the tactic of the Heeb/Rendered the Towers to powder and used it to shroud their crushing of Palestine’s Intifada II and when they massacred Jenin/Jews start the gnashing of the teeth yo, they gasp and then they shriek when they hear the goldenly written/exceptional, Anti-Parasite poetry ripping/Sayyed Nasrallah said that Iraq was butchered according to Jewish prophecy, but damn it, nobody listened/They destabilized Pakistan with the Dragon Policy and drone strikes/CIA-Mossad nexus cultivated factions of Al-Shabab reckless and converted Somalia, to a ravaged colony with no life/They invaded Lebanon to get the dominos rolling but Hizbullah saved us all/Wanted a New Middle East but the Mouqawamah confronted their iniquitous project and made it fall/And because ALLAH’s (SWT) Noble Party broke apart Jew plans/They launched the “Arab Spring” and immediately after that they attacked and broke apart Sudan/Annihilated the Pan-African goals of Qadhafi and Libya, they reduced it to rubble/100,000 terrorists to disintegrate Syria and the Zionist media called it “freedom, democracy, revolution and struggle”/Yeah, but Damascus still stands in defiance of these bastards’ shrill scams, must be that fly Resistance Axis will fam and beautiful muscle/‘Israel’ and RAW launched the 26/11 false flag to deepen the Indian state’s oppression in Kashmir/Calls for Azadi suffocate in clouds of bullets, the aggression is severe/Wiping out Iran is what keeps them awakened at night/They rabbinically view the Islamic Republic as Amalek and they wanna have it savaged, liquidated and spiked/Had Saud launch a war on Yemen when the Houthis said that they’re retaking their rights/ Martyr count stands at over 11,000 Yemenis, Saud has been strafing women, and eviscerating the tikes/Created ISIS so Islam continues to be seen as a dangerous blight/ Efraim Inbar says Daesh is a strategic tool to be used for gaining some might/Moshe Ram founded Boko Haram to keep Nigeria, shaking with plight/Sheikh Zakzaky exposed Zion and when they got tired of his ire, they slaughtered his partisans in Zaria, shot him, they locked him up, and incarcerated his wife/Every single drop of this pain and this bane and this strife/Is a product of the 9/11 op, which the Jews orchestrated precise/Speaking the truth is how we will all emerge from the darkness, liberated/Can’t complain about the world burning down if you do not first explain how the spark originated/


All lyrics are the copyrighted intellectual property of Jonathan Azaziah a.k.a. Madd Cold.
Track Name: Ahlul Iblis
Ahlul Iblis

___—Madd Cold—___

How dare you speak the Prophet’s name/as if he would condone your filth, as if he would roll with your trollish ilk, he’s aggrieved at your egregious, toxic bane/He is a mercy, you’re the polar flipside of that and dirty, thirsty for the blood of the innocent, you fiend for flocks to maim/Islam is not your religion, your religion is killing, whether it’s women or children, you are not satisfied ‘till they bleed in lots of pain/You are murderers, who are you serving because it’s not God, but Shaytan al-Akbar and you’re out to establish the demons’ noxious reign/Only thing you’re concerned for is to earn more for your masters who are seeking profit gains/Weak and rotten brains are zombified, colonized, you transmogrify, everything we hold pristine to blots and stains/You’re the sensationalist manifestation of every Neo-Cohen mislabeling of, what the Deen is, you are Heathens and we see your plots and games/Your Qibla ain’t Mecca, it’s where the shekels are printed in “Tel Aviv”, you’re the Heebs’ demonic slaves/Extensions of 9/11, a perpetual pretext to be used to justify interventions, it is a key Dajjalic phase/You hold Hadith books in the left hand, while you’re torching babes with the right joint/You chastise women for not rocking hijab, and then your forces rape them at knife point/You talk about morality while you’re engaged in human trafficking and dabbling in organ theft like your ‘Israeli’ backers be, truly it is staggering, the depth of your subversive purpose/Qur’an tells us hold Christians dear to our hearts, in some of Its sternest verses/So in your twistedness, you simians interpret that to go out and burn up churches/Maniacs and lunatics, Saudis give you dough and then the chain reaction’s ludicrous, you ache to bash in crucifixes, statues of Maryam, and portraits of Jesus/Qur’an calls him Messiah but you horrible viruses and utterly, fraudulent creatures/desecrate his houses, it is doubtless you were born in the fires, in Mosul you razed the monastery that belonged to Elijah (A.S.), with every deplorable crime that you commit your karma gets more awful, it just soars and increases/Acts of genocide and Zionism by proxy, in every form it is treason/And you call yourselves “moujahideen”? I don’t know whether to call you stupid obscene, or just scream or laugh or cry/Takfirism is Talmudic Christ-hate in action, of course the ‘Israeli’ regime is the strategic mastermind/And beyond this truth, you demolish mosques and, shrines much more gratuitously/Ever heard of woudou you greasy trash? You don’t get an easy pass, I am disseminating this uproar voluminously/What y’all are is head-choppers, dead-bombers and grave diggers/These are literal cannibals and animalistic criminals, they cut out hearts, and they ate livers/Monsters of Hind (L.A.), you went into 3adra and then violated Hujr ibn ‘Adi al-Kindi, your pain in the Akhira, has been made bigger/for exhuming the body of the one who stood against the cursing of Ali (A.S.), you’re mongrels and deranged chiggers/Not “Free”, not “Syrian”, not an “Army”, impure, ungodly, you won’t be saved when I verbally blaze triggers/And I’m coming for the jugular, gonna put the lyrical sword up in the vein/‘Cause noone should recite the Shahadah when they’ve aggressed against the daughter of Hussein (A.S.)/You went into Darayya, ‘cause Satan is your sire and destroyed the holy sanctum of our Sayyeda Sukayna (A.S.)/Takfirism isn’t the religion of Nabi Ibn Abdallah (S.A.W.W.), it is the agent of Judaica, a stranger/Wahhabi thought isn’t Muhammadi/It is just thuggery/Bloodlust, land theft and sadistic skullduggery/The horrors you brought upon the Sheitat tribe and the cadets at Speicher, what kinda criminal is you?/Gotta stab and slay, all the lies that you maggots say, and the history you fabricate, Rasoullah (S.A.W.W.) never did what you did ever yo, let alone over political disputes/So don’t you invoke the Sunnah, it is not your example, the Old Testament is/No wonder you take orders from the no-soul, treacherous Yids/Your Salat is murder, your Zakat is murder, you make “Hajj” to killing fields, sacred’s your next massacre/Saudi fatwas are your scriptures and what you swear by, if life was an airport and death was, one of two airlines, you would not be on the plane with the blessed passengers/You demonic blockheads with your doctrine of moronic nonsense saying Islam is yours, is like a Jewish blood diamond dealer claiming to rep Africa/Jews lobby for your immigration, Saudi petrodollars fund your penetration into mosques, they long to see this most vile sickness spread and breed deep/And you lemmings with your brains in a daze, like they were sewn and someone undid the hemming, turned your social media profile pics to red for these creeps?/For their victims though, you were not there/Spanners or propagandists, either way you’re stamped with Imperial approval, it’s true yo that you do not care/And indifference is as evil as the participation/State Department’s rats and its sectarian fanatics masking as revolutionists it’s ludicrous, you are a people of a lost generation/Listening to whispers like, you don’t what this is, right, you are deceptive and you’re ick/Since when were England, France, the USA and the Jewish “state” the executors of Fiqh?!/You’ve joined the ranks of humanity’s worst/Run a quick humanity search, and there’s none, ‘cause in your Takfiri scum-cult humanity’s Shirk!/And now to Jahannam you go where the lowest of lows are very adjacent/You’re just the newest in a long line of enemy agents/Muhammad Ibn Abdul Wahhab to Ibn Taymiyyah to Harun ar-Rashid, Yazid to Mouawiyah to Khaybar to Abou Sufyan, and then to the Pharisees, Fir3aun to Nimrud and beyond, they all answered directly to Satan/Their mission was to wreak havoc on the Mumineen and plant seeds of division, especially hatred/But destiny’s waiting, and in life, as well as in death, they faced hostile defeat/In every epoch, the soldiers of ALLAH (SWT) wage a war of wars to put a stop to Ahlul Iblis/And we’ll win...

All lyrics are the copyrighted intellectual property of Jonathan Azaziah a.k.a. Madd Cold.
Track Name: We Are One Hand
We Are One Hand

___—Madd Cold—___

Militant verse for bewildered and grandiloquent twerps, masquerading, as Iraq “experts” commenting so ruggedly on computers/Acting like they’re harrowing with knowledge all because of some dumb degrees but they’re juniors/Arrogant and horrid as they parrot the hasbara, for the abhorrent, repugnant Heebs and their moolah/So just shut it, allow me to give a summary to you losers/Diyala to Tikrit, Najaf to Baghdad, and then Ramadi to Fallujah/All Imperialist Dajjal forces, ISIS proxies to American and British ZOG horsemen, cowered bad and, had to run and flee from our shooters/And when I say “our” and when I say “we”, I don’t just mean Shi’a or Arabs, I mean every inch of this Iraq baby, we gaze as one so lovingly to the future/We Are One Hand, this is our chant, We Are One Fam and we ain’t ever gon’ plunge our knees to the rulers/

HOOK (2x)
You invaded us and thought that you could smother hope
Planted divisions to keep us at each other’s throats
But we’re united so we fought back and stayed together
We Are One Hand and that’s what we’ll remain forever

Christians hate Muslims, huh? That’s disgusting and kinda lame/‘Cause in Karbala on Ashoura, we see monks and bishops and they gush for Imam Hussein (A.S.)/Muslims hate Christians, huh? We been done murdered that con already/When Masihi villages and towns were liberated near Mosul, it was Muslims who rebuilt all the churches and monasteries/It was us, who protected the art of the Virgin Maryam (A.S.)/Adoration for Christ (A.S.), deeply rests in the ark of our pericardium/Sunnis hate Shi’a you say? That’s pathetic and news to me!/‘Cause when America invaded Basra, our Sunni brothers gave blood to us, and defended us beautifully/Shi’a hate Sunnis? Please, you’re just sleaz, this is what you need to check this then stop/It was the righteous, Shi’a moujahideen who beat back ISIS, and brought freedom to western Iraq/When our Sunni brethren would see us, they would throw sweets and Assyrian priests would give kisses/We Are One Hand, We Are One Fam and together is how we’ll defeat the sedition/Leave it in the waters of the Tigris to sleep with the fishes/


We know the game and we recognize the Zionistic scheme to secure their dominance/They want to break up Iraq, divide us into three much smaller provinces/False flag terror implemented for prevention of any scenario, where our people go free/Sectarian death squads have been spawned by P2OG/But eject Mossad, and the evil won’t breathe/

We Are One Hand
We will not succumb to the JUMs’ plan
We Are One Hand
Sunni, Shi’a, Arab, Kurd, One Fam
We Are One Hand
Moustazafeen scream with one chant
We Are One Hand
Music of unity, one dance

Bilad al-Rafidayn, blessed is our history/Never will aggressors ever disconnect us based on our sect or ethnicity/Pure, exquisite and pluralistic, we are a real mosaic/Our roots enrage you shrill Judaics/We know you burn when we hold joint prayers with regularity/We’re One, and we have no choice here but to dead you Pharisees/


All lyrics are the copyrighted intellectual property of Jonathan Azaziah a.k.a. Madd Cold.
Track Name: Labaykah Ya Muhammad (S.A.W.W.)
Labaykah Ya Muhammad (S.A.W.W.)

___—Madd Cold—___

Before there was an Earth and its creatures, there was your Nour/Before there was a sky to fly in, you were the beacon angels had followed to soar more/When Adam (A.S.) was between soul and body/You were a Prophet, with the most serene glow from Ghani (SWT)/Like the finest artwork, designed up on the easel of Rafi (SWT)/No knowledge like which we do derive from you, you are both the key and the keyhole to Mani (SWT)/Khair al-Khalq (S.A.W.W.), the best of us, most excellent, the breathlessness we feel when we send blessings upon you, is like effervescence in our lungs, it’s true/Prophethood Source adorns the foreheads of all messengers to come ‘till you/The Seal you are, airtight, and we kneel in awe as you shine on ‘till the Day of Judgement/And defending you and everything you stood for is our designated function/I declare it truly too/It’s our inherent duty to/I ask, what do we compare your beauty to?/Plumage of the peacock and an elephant’s tusk/Scent of Jannah, where you walked you left an elegant musk/Or the spots of the leopard and the mane of the lion/Or the dots in a nebula and rays from Orion/Guide to both the flocks and the shepherds and derailer of Zion/Khaybar and Banu Qurayza, and their pagan-Arab-traitors were punished, for their thuggish and excessive schemes/Yes, you never bent to Jews it was Jews who bent to you, yes, you trumped them and successfully/Only you toppled their destruction and their treachery/Liberator of Arabia, upender of the status quo, whoa, you’re the cycle shaker/Freer of women, freer of slaves, he who left the demons beat and erased, you are the idol breaker/Not enough to know our beloved Muhammad (S.A.W.W.) just as Rasoulallah, and here’s the truthful reason why/Because our beloved Muhammad (S.A.W.W.) is the father of Mouqawamah, Mumana’a and revolution regionwide/

BRIDGE 1 (2x)
Battlecry that’ll wake you from your slumber
Oppressed ones yell Labaykah Ya Muhammad (S.A.W.W.)

Saudi regime and its Takfiriyeen claim you hurtfully/But we know what they do perfectly/Fatal curses be, on every one of these hypocrite miscreants, for their hateful perjuries/Their Islam was gone way before it was born, like the complications of a neo-natal surgery/They attribute filth to you, but these are just the projections of some mangy “kings”/They attempt to blot out the light, of the second of the Weighty Things/Because their hate for Ahlul Bayt (A.S.) is deep, they’re spreading fake Hadith, and they aid the Beast in the war on our sacred Deen and they have been since Mossad knocked the Towers down/So Labaykah Ya Muhammad (S.A.W.W.) isn’t just a reclamation but a thorough decimation of these cowards’ crowns/Just the name Muhammad sends the Judaic Dragon and its maggots into fits/And your name is, truly represented by the Axis That Resists/Muhammad is Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah and the glorious Hizb/Muhammad is Ayatollah Sayyed Ali Khamenei, and the Islamic Revolution that got the usurious severed/Muhammad is Sayyed Abdul Malik al-Houthi, Ansarullah, and warrior Yemen/Muhammad is Syrian Grand Mufti Ahmad Hassoun, whose guidance of his nation in these trying times is amazing and storied in Heaven/Enemies plotted the demise of Islam, but these heroes fought so your message prevailed/And steered your ship to safety when Dajjal’s storm misdirected the sails/We follow this example to a new higher stage/Labaykah Ya Muhammad (S.A.W.W.) is the thunder that we rumble ‘till Dajjal is crumbled and the, plunderous Jews die of rage/

Labaykah Ya Muhammad (S.A.W.W.)
Labaykah Ya Muhammad (S.A.W.W.)
Labaykah Ya Muhammad (S.A.W.W.)
Labaykah Ya Muhammad (S.A.W.W.)

All lyrics are the copyrighted intellectual property of Jonathan Azaziah a.k.a. Madd Cold.
Track Name: When The Rocks & The Trees Cry
When The Rocks & The Trees Cry

____—Madd Cold—____

It was Moritz Steinschneider, a Bavarian-born Jew, proto-Zionist and Talmudic scholar, who introduced “anti-Semitism” into the global lexicon. What makes this weaponized ideological construct so
pernicious is that it is patently false on all fronts. Number one, Steinschneider and other Ashkenazim, who constitute about 90% of World Jewry, aren’t Semitic. Number two, many Sephardim and Mizrahim aren’t Semitic either. Number three, the notion that there is a “special” kind of bigotry against Jews, is a reinforcement of hafrada, the Judaic concept of separation, as well as the delusion of Jewish supremacy. Number four, shrieking about “anti-Semitism” upon every criticism of Jews and Judaism deceptively suggests that critics are motivated by racial bias and hatred instead of facts and legitimate grievances. Number five, keeping this in mind, Jews who actually are Semitic, like Ethiopians, Yemenis, etcetera, aren’t railed against because of their ethnicity but their actions. Number six, Jews are not a race but a cultish, psychotic collective masquerading as a race. And number seven, subscribing to “anti-Semitism” means history is reduced to the half-anthropological, half-biological, all-nonsensical conclusion that every Gentile is born with a Jew-hating gene and Jewish wrongs are either nonexistent or driven out of survivalist necessity by the aforementioned genetic determinism of the “Goy”. It diabolically and atrociously ignores that Jews have been kicked out of more than 100 locations and always for the same reasons: usury, ritualistic child sacrifice, well-poisoning, Christ-hatred and other forms of parasitism. And in the most extreme cases, such as B.C. Alexandria, Roman Palestine, Bolshevik Russia, Weimar Germany and modern-day America, we see a story of infiltration, elevation and ruin, with the Jews obtaining unprecedented influence to the detriment of Gentiles all around them. It is in this context that the famous “rocks and trees” Hadith must be seen. In this prognostication, the Holy Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.W.) says, “Dajjal will not fall and the Day of Judgement will not come ‘till Muslims fight the Jews and the Jews hide behind rocks and trees. But the rocks and trees will say, o’ Muslim! There’s a Jew behind me! Come and kill him!” The rocks and the trees here are metaphors for the foundations and branches of the Jewish Power Matrix. And we’re not being instructed to commit murder but to expose these formations and destroy this oppressive system. That ain’t “Anti-Semitism”. It is Anti-Parasitic Mouqawamah.

When the Prophet (S.A.W.W.) prophesied, about the rocks and the trees/that rotten godless tribe, flipped out and dropped to their knees/‘cause they knew that he knew the truth regarding what they had planned/World domination, and behind every structure of power you find their zigzagged, oil-and-gas-scag-dabbed and gray scabbed hands/But here is the clear-as-day mad scam/They are very well aware that the words Muhammad (S.A.W.W.) spoke, he ain’t mean ‘em literal/But these Hebrew criminals have told the Goyim that’s exactly it, and how they’ve accomplished this rabid nastiness, is global media propaganda that’s total, and unsheathed and visceral/Always scheming so deviously it is like they need to do it, their fiendish movements are so unclean and slithery, whether they’re selling lies or invading a nation replete with minerals/Right or left, White or Non-White, oppressor or type-oppressed, they play both sides, whatever will benefit their hateful tribe, terrorist, supremacist, completely cynical/Chameleonic Jewry, you see? Their hold on the press is absolutely the reason their rule can be deemed invisible/And this secret’s pivotal they hide in plain sight/Polar opposite of what they adore is the shine of daylight/Cannibals who feast on their prey, goy qorbanot and metzitzah b’peh, Satan’s sixes embedded in their heathen rituals/No time left to be subliminal, the Illuminati’s Yiddishe/And the All-Seeing Eye, is this Jewish body’s signature/Prophet (S.A.W.W.) told us about this too, and it goes back to Nuh (A.S.)/Listen to the rocks and the trees or what’s behind ‘em will snatch your rooh/

O’ Muslim, listen When The Rocks & Trees Cry
There’s a Jew behind them and you got to see why
Expose Yahoudi evil so it properly dies
And Rasoulallah (S.A.W.W.), can watch his prophecy sky

Riddle me this child/Do you like the way, Time Warner, Comcast, News Corp, CBS, Viacom and Disney get down/These are the six corporations who own the info you consume on the daily, will you say the names of the chiefs who run this insidiousness now?/Oh, you ain’t gonna say ‘cause you really wanna stay in entertainment, that’s just an affirmation of their domination, hence why we need their Parasitic entities kicked out/They are Jews, yes, they’re Jews, and yes it’s true they’re dangerous but I’ma still let go and shoot it/There’s more but the worst are Iger, Eisner, Diller, Redstone and Moonves/Radio is Smulyan, and Newhouse is print/Joseph Levin and his SPLC creep to police your speech and guarantee every non-Jew’s mouth is zipped/All your “regime change” NGOs are kept afloat by George Soros and Peter Lewis/Pornography from, Weimar Germany to Al Goldstein to Fishbein to Hirsch to Richard Desmond to Maurice Girodias, all that sleaze that you see’s Talmudic/And the banks? They should be deemed yeshivas immediately they’re so teemed with Jew-ness/These are the leeches who teamed against Christ, and gave silver to Iscariot/Necromancers, they don’t just kill, they kill for sport then start pilfering the carrion/Rocks and the trees are screaming, only cowards run for the hills up in their chariots/


This conspiracy is transhistorical, multigenerational, and no force ever kept it in check but our Deen/Islam’s directives are the only way we’ll disconnect and arrest the disease/ Correct all the wreckage it leaves, paving the way for a cure to purify the scores of lives oppressed and aggressed and besieged/And the root of our inoculations is Haqq, all the hasbara and indoctrinations, they flop, as we press into depths and degrees/Previously unseen and the outcome’s dread/But Al-Hujarat commands us to ASCERTAIN THE TRUTH and that’s what we’ll do BY ANY MEANS, just like Malcolm (R.A.) said/Peel back the layers on Tibor Rosenbaum and we find the cabal that murdered Kennedy/Aspers in Canada, have the biggest dough, they own every politico, top guns of the Dajjalic Serpent enemy/Start hammering at Steven A. Tananbaum’s GoldenTree Asset Management, you find Jews dissolving burned up equity/Only to respawn and reload like vid-game cheat codes in heaps so, they can continue to rob and splurge intensively/Whole world twists and turns but Jewish kinship networks earn and earn, they have installed a firm hegemony/Where no Gentile gets success, without their approval/Axel Springer lives in fear, of Brin and Page so it keeps kowtowing to Google/Australia’s Frank Packer married, Florence Porges as insurance his media conglomerate would soar into prominence, Shabbos “Goy” who’s proud to have routed his scruples/Trump was backed by Lansky then Zucker then the heinous Kushners/Warren Buffet would be nothing if he ain’t start out as one of Graham Newman’s paper pushers/If you say anything less than yes to their arrogance/And don’t bow at the altar, of the 6 million, billion, trillion fake-dead Jews of the Hollow-Co$t ruse, if you even think to question the narrative/Mossad will cock back and put a bullet fresh in your larynx/But I am not gonna live like that, that just cannot fly/like the bird in the cage that sings though they clipped his wings, Khaybar cannot kill what cannot die/Spirit of Muhammad (S.A.W.W.) and Hussein (A.S.)/And the love of our fallen ancestors that thunders in our veins/Now that we know this Beast, it’s high-time it feared us/Rocks and the trees are crying, let’s heed the call and dry their tear ducts/Anti-Parasitic Paradigm Shift, a true resolution to the drama/Like Saint Abou Ishaq (R.A.), and his Divinely-inspired poem, that brought meta-ruin to The Monsters/And triggered GLORY, in the revitalizing December 1066 Revolution in Granada/


All lyrics are the copyrighted intellectual property of Jonathan Azaziah a.k.a. Madd Cold.