206​-​The Liberators feat. Khanverse

from by Madd Cold



A new age in Hip-Hop has dawned and things ain't never gon' be the same... The Liberators are here!!!!


The Liberators

__---Madd Cold---__

feat. Khanverse

INTRO (Madd Cold)

Declaration of war, let’s spray lead at the lot of lies/Here to make
it known, Hip Hop ain’t dead it is occupied/and this is the armed struggle to get it back/Hip-Hop Hizbullah, gonna burst the bubble of Zion, ‘cause we got ALLAH’s muscle to flip the match/


For the spitters and the rippers and the breakers and the shakers and the cutters and the hustlers, all of y’all will scream reload to the disc jockeys/Culture’s under apartheid so our lives, must be mirrors of Steve Biko and of Chris Hani/If you don’t want to fight then you can hang and burn stupid, squirm and squawk/You rookies are just too pussy to say it, the gang of Irv Rubin murdered ‘Pac/JDL was running a racket and rappers were bashed in to acquiesce to it, but Shakur, he refused to go along with it/His life was a crucible, but his light was so righteous and beautiful, they martyred it/Time for you to drop your celly while I put some shots, through your noxious telly, we’re gonna salute Makaveli, uphold his truthful flow and honor it/Y’all say nothing ‘bout the Jewish terrorists who snuffed him out ‘cause you don’t wanna get demoted to unknownery/Any drop of criticism of them, they roped it from your poetry/This fact alone proves you know who the controllers be/ Nowadays, the amount it takes to buy a clown is around the rate of none to below/Give him a whip, give him some chips, give him a crib, then watch the bum do a show/Fake gangsta shit dominates and it’s ugly, we won’t stop ‘till the cruddy thug chorus rapidly sinks/ ‘Cause we don’t give a fuck what Doug Morris actually thinks/Slap Stephen Cooper and, Benjy Grinberg with him too, his independence is a farce/You ain’t free, when a Jewish executive’s your boss/It is on our people too though, don’t just say you were made to peddle it/Admit you were wrong, work with us to cause the liberation of this mutilated Hip-Hop age and its aims and rhetoric/And stop rocking Ecko while you’re at it, the Jew who owns and runs it funds Israeli settlements/Those fronting really need to roll when my words pop/ Including violators Jarret Myer and Brian Brater who started Rawkus with dough from the Murdochs/Fakes, we are not impressed with your shoddy form/So we’ll never let you Carrie the Torch, like the Sex In The City skank stepped in for Johnny Storm/

HOOK (Madd Cold)
This is for the old souls of the music, so dope, y’all know we gotta fight to get the culture back
For the brothers and the sisters who are struggling and pitching in to beat down and then keep the vultures trapped
This is everything and we won’t let it die
Words are our bullets, so we gon’ let ‘em fly
Occupation’s over, that’s the message to the grim invaders
So, you can say hello, to The Liberators

SECOND VERSE (Khanverse)

My solemn promise to all/I’ll break it down for y’all/Charts are no longer involved, Hip-Hop evolved/Product consumers? a lot of retards that are clueless/Trained monsters shocking kids with brainwashing marketing and almost all of ‘em Jewish/Technique takes orders from his owner Jonathan Stewart/The Illest martyred in the modern age were raped the same as Billie Holiday, it’s plain fact/Kosher Al Jolson, Dame Dash pushed aside and broken by Liar (Lyor) Cohen/Maybe they remember/when NWA would suffer the same, as Marvin Gaye and Doctor Dre, raped by Jerry Heller/Your puppets are ducking, come fight please, highly unlikely/My pipe dream and I mean, gee/What would I give to be a fly sitting beside Jimmy Iovine when he dies and what I might see/Tell the famous, old sly pagans like Clive Davis/The Most High Divine’s nearby waiting/The devil rapist will yell in anguish when he sees what the hell he’s facing/Ignorant gimmicks given get rich quick solutions/Labels facing dissolution, Globe Holders control distribution/Rosenthal’s appalled at hard doctrines we rockin’/Preparing life for paradise, martyrs for the conscience/Masonic pawns, the pop stars are taught the dark arts and, sacrificed at the altar of the Bronfmans/Kneeling with week wills like meek children/Seeing the evil Steve Rifkind scheming as queens give in/My passion’s my fashion man, standing pat at passing fads, actually rapping facts/Damn, imagine that/So I’ma cackle and laugh when Tablet Mag attacks us for acting bad/Raping the game, making it gay, wasting away/Don’t hate if I say Drake’s fakeness is bait/Leave Dave Mays amazed in our maze/Brazenly breaking the chains in a flavorfully flagrant display/


THIRD VERSE (Khanverse and Madd Cold)

Khanverse: The Last Poets, are madd potent/A vast ocean/They haven’t cracked open half of the past mac-docious/Rap local, but act global/And we that cultured so we mad social/

Madd Cold: Slap the fat hoaxers of rap on Passover/and blast ‘em, so their caps know that Khanverse and Madd Cold’ll zap cobras/Hip-Hop’s mongeeese, killing snakes ‘till Zionism is a wrap soldier/

Khanverse: Deal in facts, this ain’t an act, we rap bolder/Back over, these crabs and smack jokers into bad comas/The stacked shoguns, we do it from love/RIP Jam Master J, Dilla, L, Guru and Pun/

Madd Cold: Freaky Tah, Biggie, Half-A-Mil, Scott La Rock, their killings were brutal and dumb/Culture turned to doodoo by these Jews who push madd sneaky ploys/like the Free Tibet scam, but the CIA can rot in hell so fuck the Beastie Boys/

Khanverse: We the lethal goys/Scheming on the evil creatures and demon droids/Blessed with eclectic intelligence, and credit to Professor Griff/For sending special messages and helping us end the Devil's grip/

Madd Cold: Evident you’ll never get what the real premise is, we’re not to be meddled with, you won’t make it out that fight/So don’t even tout that knife/We’re Board with your Games ‘cause we know you ain’t ‘bout that LIFE/

Khanverse: Loud mouth, sprays flames in focused aim, without that mic/Mos Def you can’t drown our light/‘Cause the memories don’t live like people lie/Believe we teaching the seeds bout the evil eye/

Madd Cold: Dajjal’s gonna fall as the Lord’s warriors beam and rhyme about his mean demise/In which, he’ll see Naar/So now you know Zionist devil Jon Shecter is not, The Source of Hip-Hop, ‘cause we are!/


All lyrics are the copyrighted intellectual property of Jonathan Azaziah a.k.a. Madd Cold and Naveed Khan a.k.a. Khanverse.


from Son Of Kufa Volume 1: Rise Of The Anomaly, released July 28, 2015
produced by Dark Night



all rights reserved


Madd Cold Chicago, Illinois

The son of an Iraqi father whose family descended from the holy, resistant city of Kufa and a Moroccan-Russian mother, Madd Cold is an MC, poet and writer from Brooklyn, New York currently residing in Montreal. His articles, poems and music predominantly deal with World Zionism, as well as geopolitics and decolonization in general. The label is Mouqawamah Music and the motto is "DTI". ... more

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