Falasteen Is Yemen's Heart

from by Madd Cold



Title says it all. The essence of Yemen's love for Palestine over an instro of supreme smoothness. Salaam to my big bruv Nashid Abdul Khaliq.


Falasteen Is Yemen’s Heart

___—Madd Cold—___

Say it with me now, Falasteen Is Yemen’s Heart
We dream of 7ouriyeh and our dream is never dark
Fire burns, let it beam and let it spark
And rise, breathe, we will be forever strong
Say it with me now, we’ll defeat the men of Baal
Say it with me now, we will beat the red Dajjal
Quds to Galilee, once it’s free we’ll then embark
from Saada, ‘cause Falasteen Is Yemen’s Heart

We ain’t chanting ‘Death To Israel!’ just because we hate the Zionists kteer/And of course we long to see this virus disappear/from our region, because this entity’s been terrorizing it for years/First and foremost though, we chant it ‘cause we love you/Yemen and Falasteen are linked by blood and antiquity, literally from the very beginning we have championed your struggle/Our martyrs have fallen on the road to your liberation like, they were riding chariots to come through/Yemeni-Palestinian solidarity ain’t something that the barbarians can undo/Situation ain’t precarious, it is clarion like the brilliance of Sumerians in a various number of ways, our brotherhood’s gregarious in bundles/You’re the reason our leader wakes up in the morning, his speeches are seething and bleeding with passion for your war with the demons, he needs it to breathe, and so do we thus the du3a are endless that “Israel” gets rendered to carrion and rubble/They try to tear us apart but all the scariness they’ve thrown at us, we’ve parried it, you’ve shown us with the First and Second Intifadas that eventually, the nefarious will fumble/And at that moment the oppressed will rise and the oppressors and their barriers will crumble/Manner that Saud bombs us with the Yahoud’s help, and the way Yahoud torments you with Al-Saud’s wealth, even in our suffering we’re linked in this/Zion’s the enemy, noone else, we ain’t buying what they’re hustling, they think they’re slick/Ain’t no differences between a martyred child in Gaza and a martyred child in Hajjah, we feel like we’re y’all just on a shorter scale/Our aggressors wanna be Ashkenazis so much then we should gore them ‘till they’re gaunt and pale/They’re already crazed, let’s treat ‘em like trains without breaks and maul them ‘till they’re off the rails/And once our homeland is successfully defended/Then we’ll head north for the liberation of the place where the Holy Prophet (S.A.W.W.) had majestically ascended/Wallahi, ‘cause even though the bombardments are bad/And even though the filthy Saudi regime and its darkness is mad/We’re cruisers, they’re featherweights and they’re dolts, when it came time to commemorate our revolt, we marched with your flag/‘Cause Falasteen is life to us and though this fight is tough, we gain strength with all your remarkable car operations and your marvelous stabs/Falasteen you’re the lone gem in a landslide/The air still there in a whole stem when a plant dies/You’re Zhourat in winter, orange juice in summer/Every gorgeous blooming color of autumn, and the first lemons of spring, no soul can tear this immortal truth asunder/You’re the baby sea turtle slipping the sharks and then living ‘till a hundred and fifty/You’re the ghosts striking back at the invaders after they bludgeoned the city/You’re the dying Resistance fighter that fires off one more shot before the breath leaves his lungs/You’re the emcee who fearlessly refuses to put down the mic in the face of tyranny, telling the ruler that you best seize my tongue/ You’re the child sage who despite being fresh, green and young, knows that only in death he has won/Falasteen, you are shine and life and you’re shining bright, so we’re riding right by your side to fight ‘till your occupiers and their pets leave, whether they’re on planes or rowboats, jet skis or hung/We wanna restore Ashkelon to Majdal, Negev to Naqab, Ashdod to Isdud, Jaffa to Yafa, Tel Aviv Uni to Sheikh Muwannis and more, then there’d be blessed peace and fun/Falasteen we love you and no matter what you ask, we will help you heal your scars/So ready more ammunition and more arms, it’s a pure bond/And Yemen won’t be completely liberated until y’all are/So we soar on towards a calming, soothing solace/After Falasteen is Sahyouni-free, from the River to the Sea, that’s an Ansarullahi, Houthi promise/


All lyrics are the copyrighted intellectual property of Jonathan Azaziah a.k.a. Madd Cold.


from Felicity Of The Oppressed, released March 25, 2016
produced by Metal Gear Solid (rip)



all rights reserved


Madd Cold Chicago, Illinois

The son of an Iraqi father whose family descended from the holy, resistant city of Kufa and a Moroccan-Russian mother, Madd Cold is an MC, poet and writer from Brooklyn, New York currently residing in Montreal. His articles, poems and music predominantly deal with World Zionism, as well as geopolitics and decolonization in general. The label is Mouqawamah Music and the motto is "DTI". ... more

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