Lions From The Highlands

from by Madd Cold



Introducing the Houthis! Emphatic and heartfelt, this blazing banger sets the pace for the conflagration to come...


Lions From The Highlands

___—Madd Cold—___

Lions From The Highlands here and we are not afraid of you
Lions From The Highlands yo, our spirit’s unassailable
Lions From The Highlands’, vengeance ain’t restrainable
We are liberators and we’ll never be the slaves of you
Yeah, we’re chanting “Death to Saud”!
‘Cause, y’all are just stand-in reps for Yahoud
Yeah, we’re chanting “Death to Saud”!
‘Cause, y’all are just stand-in reps for Yahoud, it’s true

Many claim they live in a revolutionary way but you don’t never see ‘em preach on Yemen, it’s a mockery/And if you don’t or you won’t you should be yoked and then choked, poked in the throat with a Jambiya, every last thing you speak’s embedded with hypocrisy/Why don’t you like the Houthis? Maybe it’s their brownness/Or maybe it’s because they yell “Curse be on the Jews!”, when they’re demonstrating in their townships/Or maybe it’s the fact, they’re Islamic liberationists and their ladies are veiled but, you want them parading with their gowns slit/Or maybe it’s ‘cause you don’t read at all, yeah b laziness is loudest/You do not know these giants, hardened by the wars and the storms that are raging in the mountains/Houthis got dignity, dignity personified, it’s reverberating and it’s boundless/Really yo there’s solely one conclusion I can come to/Either, y’all are madd stupid, just some dumb fools/Or, y’all are actually stooges of the thug Jews/Which means, y’all are not doofuses but scum tools/Actively on the attack against Ansarullah, ‘cause they ain’t got no coolness with your Jewish supremacy/And they got the heart to call for the total removal of the lunatic entity/You refer to it as “Israel” but we call it a tumor, a putrid and Talmudical enemy/All they want is freedom from the Saudi-American control now man/And its cronies in Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait and the Emirates can go pound sand/Ain’t no in the middle here ‘cause when you feel them missiles near then the issue’s clear, slammed to bed and to rest/You stand with the tyrants, and their air raids and siege on everything from gas to band-aids and beans or stand with Yemen’s oppressed/And don’t you mounafiqoun dare pray with beads, we know you only make Salat to your Zionist masters/But ain’t no way that they’re gonna be able to save your invaders, it’s aimless, ‘cause they’re gonna die on the fly or get captured/You do not know this land, but the Houthis sho’ do/Everything about you’s a corroded scam but Al-Houthi’s so true/ Wahhabism is a British fake but the resistant faith that is in Ansarullah, sends the forces of these bloated fams to the valleys of the swollen damned, ‘cause the Houthis won’t lose/And the six wars that we fought with the regime in the capital/Proves we are smooth, every move from our team, it is tactical/We will never be uprooted ever so, you can put that delusional dream on sabbatical/You’re ‘bout to be driven Straight Outta Yemen, consider us Believers With Attitudes, B.W.A./September 21st Revolution, you can mark it on your calendar as a wonderful day/Feeling like Al-Shahid Sayyed Hussein Badreddine up on this mic-phone, look at our light glow, our fight yo is right so feel this, lyrical miracle of Mumana’a/Like the men of Sayyed Abou Hadi, the Houthis are the unequivocal pinnacle of Mouqawamah/


All lyrics are the copyrighted intellectual property of Jonathan Azaziah a.k.a. Madd Cold.


from Felicity Of The Oppressed, released March 25, 2016
produced by VTZ



all rights reserved


Madd Cold Chicago, Illinois

The son of an Iraqi father whose family descended from the holy, resistant city of Kufa and a Moroccan-Russian mother, Madd Cold is an MC, poet and writer from Brooklyn, New York currently residing in Montreal. His articles, poems and music predominantly deal with World Zionism, as well as geopolitics and decolonization in general. The label is Mouqawamah Music and the motto is "DTI". ... more

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