Screams Of The Slain

from by Madd Cold



The screaming, bleeding, gut-wrenching agony of the Yemeni people, their martyrs, their wounded and those who survived Al-Saud's massacres in rhyme form. Word to my fams Ghassan al-Husseini.


Screams Of The Slain

___—Madd Cold—___

West ain’t silent,
the West be guilty as sin for every bomb that the Saudis drop
And they will be held responsible for all the blood of our children
‘till the Saudis stop
Screams of the slain, hear us sing and roar
Screams of the slain, we will bring a storm
And our resistance will linger on
‘Till the Saudi family and its kingdom falls

Don’t you dare say that there ain’t no Western puppets condemning this/because they’re oblivious, that argument is corrupt and ridiculous/hypocritical and just insidious, plus it’s hideous/They are very much complicit in every crime that’s committed, against our people/They say it’s “Iranian aggression” and they’ve tried to prevent it but it’s lies that they’re spinning, it’s quick to see through/They are beyond disconnected from the Divine, so far gone and they’re vile and demented, they’re vicious “regals”/Washington, “Tel Aviv” and the most godless, the British are providing logistics, arms and the bombs and the bullets that are grinding our women, to bits, they’re evil/Defiling our kids and destroying every last bit of shine in our districts, they’ve stripped what’s peaceful/Saudi regime rules with violent dominion, what they want is a colony, hive full of minions who will willingly suppress all their mindful opinions, and who won’t defy or hold their heads high in resistance, then kiss their feet too/What they want is bondage for Yemen so we’re not independent, their grip is lethal/We prefer to die than to live this, our country is all that we got and we’ll die to defend this, we’re gifted eagles/And we will prevail, because the Zionist menace and the tyrants it’s sending into our lands to carry out a mass genocide that is endless is sick and feeble/This here’s for Amran and Aden, Abyan and Al-Bayda, Dali, Mahrah and Hudaydah, our love for you’s like a phoenix birth/For Lahij, Shabwah and Socotra, Ibb and Jawf to Hadramawt and to Hajjah, total liberation is our aim and you’re fueling our dreams and thirst/This is for Amanat al-Asima, Thamar, Raymah and Al-Ma7wit, Ma3rib and Ta’iz, Saada and Sanaa we will bruise and we’ll bleed and work, ‘till the ghouls and the fiends disperse/We know they’re ZOGgers, Cameron, the GCC and Obama, serve the Israelis in the name of Dajjal/You maim us in our masjids, you say that you have fatwas straight from Wahhabi hatemongers, posing like sheikhs then claim it’s halal/Whether in the dounya or the Akhira, all of these 7ayawein will pay for their wrongdoings/So get it right, we will rebuild regardless, even if the nation is all ruins/


This is a Sahyouni-Amreeki-Yahoudi-Saudi-Britani conspiracy, and there are Takfiri terrorists playing key features/Hasbara abound about the Houthis but we say the scheme’s steeper/Oded Yinon chronicled our demographics and came up with an action to make us bleed, and eventually make our seeds weaker/So much smoke is in the atmosphere, from the megaton bombs that are blasting here, they have permanently grayed our clean ether/We fight, we don’t just pray to be freer/‘Cause ALLAH (SWT) helps those who help themselves, and for us He paved the way to see deeper/We can tell you now there ain’t no strategic value in slaying beekeepers/Horrible crimes, lots were killed, it’s a proper sin/They are carpet-bombing apartments and markets, they’re heartless, they’ve hit our soccer fields, and our boxing gyms/We are besieged by these ungodly thieves, deprived us of everything from docs to pills, and of oxygen/There’s a choice so if you don’t raise your voice in support of us, then you might as well hoist the Saudi-Israeli flag up ‘cause you’re not for real, and you’re not our friends/Matter fact, you’re noxious, toxic, obnoxious shills ‘cause you plot with them/You cover up their role in this assault on Islam and still call them “Custodians”/Tell me, would true protectors of Mecca and overseers of Medina murder elderlies? It’s abhorrent along with erroneous/These are not humans, they’re miserable affliction-sellers, criminal perdition-dwellers, and the nature of this war is felonious/We know where they’re originally from, Dönmeh scum run amok, very essence of their being is wrong and it’s odious/Our fire burning them down, it was prophesied, while they run around with concubines draped in gold and infused with little pearls/And their American-provided jets decimate schools for little girls/Qana and Dahiyeh’s agony and the horror of Gaza all over again, Zionist-inspired and the proof is scary/So demented is Saud that they demolish plants that produce our juice and dairy/Thinking of Sanaa’s Old City, so pretty and vibrant were its grand infrastructures/All been eradicated now, thousands of years of history just vanished in rampant destruction/They destroyed ancient shops and factories for ceramics production/Annihilation of culture, that’s what Jewry demands of its puppets/Disease in Riyadh, mutation from its parent, the cancer in London/They bombed a water-bottling plant that slaughtered 36 men heading home to their fams, man it’s disgusting/It’s like Yazid is back because they’re bandits and drunkards with candid dysfunction and manic corruption/It’s like they’re addicted to Yemeni blood, they are jonesing and zealous hordes/Seif Ahmed Seif lost his life when your murderous air strikes mowed his umbrella store/Children dead in their hundreds, never will they graduate or go to the beach to just kick it on the sandbar/Thinking of 12-year old Tayseer Okba, killed on a gorgeous morning as she paid a visit to her grandma/Saud has a predisposition for sedition and division, Judaism in its crypto form, the father of the fitnah and inflictor of the land’s scars/This is their religion and we’re proud to be kufr in the face of their iniquitous and damned “god”/


Can’t call you Arabs when your vermin troops are turning youth into piles of bones and then you pay them piles of bones a.k.a. the vilest dough, crazy how you perpetual sinners love your wealth/You say Iran is alien the way that they run and pad us but it doesn’t add up ‘cause we’re standing alone, extraterrestrials didn’t come to help/We have brotherhood and friendship, our respect for the Islamic Republic is tremendous but we don’t take orders and they don’t give ‘em so under scrutiny, your hasbaranik festival is just gonna melt/Richest “Arab” state dropping bombs on the poorest Arab state, that’s the apex of detestable in and of itself/Martyr count expands as the blockade continues to slowly bring death/A barber, 26-year old named Mohib was slaughtered and his legs were the only thing left/Targeted the Hayash fam with their sheep and cows in Al-Qufl, life at the root is the target of the Gulf’s unholy kings’ theft/5-year old Ra7ma in intensive care, her face is covered in burns/Sole survivor of the Ta7rour massacre that gave her momma Na3ma and 9 more fam members placement under the earth/Don’t know if she’s gonna make it dun, and it hurts/‘Cause this don’t even touch the basics when it comes to these rapacious plunderous worms/Case in point, is the 28 souls of the Dhaifullah fam in the village of Sabr, erased and bludgeoned by these voracious bunches of germs/Or the Bani Zeila atrocity in Hajjah, helicopters mass murdered women and the little ones/Blowing up everything, leaving a trail of body parts from their heads and organs to their brittle thumbs/Now they sit with angels who are crying as their harps play and their fiddles strum/Drowning in blood but the resilient Yemenis grind still/Trusting in ALLAH (SWT) to provide them triumph, the Iman of lions, they know every heavenly vibe’s real/131 lives spilled at a wedding party in Al-Wahijah village, of Al-Mukha on the Red Sea/Inhumanity of epic proportions, no amount of Zioganda can suppress or distort this image of so many dead queens and so many dead seeds/It is indeed not surprising that it’s here where the aggression began/‘Cause it overlooks vital Bab el-Mandeb and we were set and prepared/to send arms packages out to the ocean and the Gaza Strip is where the weapons would land/Our love for Falasteen The Beautiful is irreducible you mutant fools, it simply ain’t in our genetic makeup to accept your commands/So many nightmares to relay, it’s like my mind, heart and soul are gushing from visions/UN casualty count is embarrassing, the ultimate tool of World Arrogance, you cannot trust the statistics/What kinda humans bomb farms and the camps of refugees with cluster munitions?/You pounded the north so hard you ain’t got no more buildings to hit and now you’re fronting like your stuck coalition is just and auspicious/Overwhelmed by apathy, I’m about to go fucking ballistic!/ How many dead Yemeni kids is it gonna take before you hypocrite-ass motherfuckers will listen/Maybe if we described our plight in a “human rights” frame then you liberalism-suckers would get this/But we don’t want your NGO-encrusted assistance/We know that it is us and only us who can fix this/We have Islam! And that’s why Saud cannot crush our Resistance/Your Takfiri constituents are ecstatic ‘cause you cynically triggered a war/But even with all your resources, you ain’t got no spiritual pureness and with that alone we’re infinitely richer than y’all/Yemen reunified is near, we already see a future where your reign is through/Guided by Muhammad, Ali, Hassan and Hussein and Zayd, Ahlul Bayt’s light blazes true/Only ALLAH (SWT) is Ar-Razzaq, so we could be famished from famine and frantic with thirst from drought and still we will be more sustained than you/


All lyrics are the copyrighted intellectual property of Jonathan Azaziah a.k.a. Madd Cold.


from Felicity Of The Oppressed, released March 25, 2016
produced by Yuan Chan



all rights reserved


Madd Cold Chicago, Illinois

The son of an Iraqi father whose family descended from the holy, resistant city of Kufa and a Moroccan-Russian mother, Madd Cold is an MC, poet and writer from Brooklyn, New York currently residing in Montreal. His articles, poems and music predominantly deal with World Zionism, as well as geopolitics and decolonization in general. The label is Mouqawamah Music and the motto is "DTI". ... more

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